Thanksgiving Day Special

Happy Turkey Day!

The one time of the year when your usually-over-the-top addictions of carbs and football seem normal. But with the possibility of inter-familial battles on the horizon and three games on tap for today, you’re gonna wanna set that lineup early.

Pats vs. Jets:

Much like turkey, the New York Jets are bound to make you sleepy. At least they’re playing against the high-flying Pats–that should keep you from snoozing. The Jets’ RB situation is muddled  right now with Bilal Powell and Shonn Greene splitting carries out of the backfield. Oh, and of course there’s the QB situation. Personally, I love Tebow, and playing him on Thanksgiving Day is just about as American as it can get! The Pats have a weak D, so if New York can put together anything worth writing home about, this could turn into a close one. With The Gronk out at TE, look for Julian Edelman to have another big game, along with Wes Welker, catching passes out of the slot. The Jets don’t stand a chance, but it’s always a treat to watch these bumbling idiots try not to self-destruct each week. Tune in for laughs! Pats 37–Jets 16

Texans vs. Lions:

Just like your drunk uncle at the holidays, this game is bound to surprise! Think about it. The Houston Texans got scorched in their last game against the Jags, and Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford seem to finally be on the same page. If the Texans D is as bad as last game, this has shootout written all over it. The Lions’ D is nothing special, and Matt Schaub finally found Andre Johnson in week 11, after an entire season of mediocrity. Two exposed D’s and two high-flying offenses–possibly more exciting than the Jets…possibly. Texans 27–Lions 23

Dem Boys vs. Dem Skins:

Your all-time Thanksgiving Day arm wrestling tally pales in comparison to the hatred manifested between Dallas and Washington. This rivalry goes way way back, and I have a feeling Dallas will finally show up for a game. They know all the hype RGIII has been getting this year, and the Dallas D has had a “bend but don’t break” philosophy that could easily be ramped up to counteract all the action on the Redskins’ offense. Dallas, however, is dreadful at home this year. Very evenly matched–Romo may be the difference. Cowboys 21–Redskins 23


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