Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

Oh, the agony!

Nothing stings quite like the loss of a stud fantasy player.

We’ve all done it. Drop a dude on a hunch, only to see him score four touchdowns. Makes ya wanna stab yourself. However, there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

If you checked out my post The Dreaded FLEX, then you know I have a weekly love/hate relationship with my lineup changes.

This week, Darren Sproles was my questionable FLEX. He came up inactive at the 4:00 EST game. I consequently moved him to my IR spot, grabbed Brandon Myers, since he was activated around the same time, to play for Heath Miller, dropped Danario Alexander, and added Chris Ivory.

I subbed in Ivory and Myers for Sproles and Miller, thinking they would score touchdowns.

Myers did. Ivory didn’t do shit.

Alexander, though? Twenty one fantasy points, on 2 TD’s and 7 catches for 96 yards.

Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one. Here’s a peak at some players that were dropped in our league in the week leading up to the games:

Blackmon scorched the Houston Texans for 236 yards and a touchdown on 7 of 13 targets. Blackmon was dropped in our league, and was available when Sproles was moved to inactive. Coulda had him! But, honestly, I can’t trust anyone from OSU (just more proof orange is a horrible color).


This ass went off for 2 TD’s and 21 fantasy points! I couldn’t stand it, but it makes it a little easier to know that this was also partially credited to refs who “granted” him one extra one. These kinda things happen, and the reason I dropped him was the uneasiness of Norv Turner. His team is hard to trust offensively. He is a genius mind, but picking the one or two best players each week that actually produce is proving to be more difficult. I traded away Ryan Mathews early because of this, and I honestly thought Ivory was a better choice.

Vernon Davis:

After weeks of mediocre play, Davis was dropped in our league, only to score a TD and rack up over 80 yards receiving. This is a case of frustration after waiting for so long. These are conundrums. Davis is, without a doubt, a hall of fame candidate. Yet, these old dudes have rough patches. Being able to stable these studs is tough when they aren’t producing. But the law of averages is bound to kick in!

Pretty Much Any Defense:


Here’s a list of defenses that were left untouched in our league that also went over 10 fantasy points:

Washington Redskins

Buffalo Bills

New Orleans Saints

Arizona Cardinals

San Diego Chargers

Carolina Panthers

New York Jets

Just another example of how easy it is to pick a D up, on a weekly basis. But please don’t kick yourself.

A lot of these big numbers were flukes and were not truly foreseeable. Honestly, the Jets doing anything worth putting in your local newspaper is news in and of itself! Those dudes suck! Blackmon seemingly came from nowhere, but it seems like the Jaguars were just starting the wrong QB in Blaine Gabbert. Vernon came out of a funk, and I’m currently watching the post game new conference, and Jim Harbaugh seems perturbed that anyone is shocked by Davis finally getting looks. Jesus. Here’s the one thing to remember when you’re in the fetal position, bitchin’ about what coulda been..

You can’t tell the future, dudes…you can only bet on it!


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