This is What Winning Feels Like

I’ve now advanced to the finals in my Head-2-Head Bball league.

With a brutal spanking, which I’m sure left bruises, to team Lussy Pips, I’m poised to take on the OKC Tornadoes in the championship round of the 2012-13 Fantasy Basketball season.

It’s been a blast this year, and I’m sad to see the fantasy season coming to an end. Yet, as a fan of the game, I’m thoroughly enthralled about the playoffs finally arriving (especially for my hometown OKC Thunder). We don’t have anything but pride on the line in our friendly H2H league, but a lot of teams have continued to play throughout the season, which is more than I can say about my roto league…

In my roto league, it’s basically down to me and one other dude. I have finally surpassed him in games, and I’m still behind in points, so it’s not looking too good.

Getting second in a league of two is not very exciting, especially when losing to someone so oblivious.

I mentioned in an earlier blog how roto league leader, Neptune Nightmares, had no idea that there were caps on games in this league. Apparently, this was true:

But one reason why the fantasy basketball season has been so arduous is the lack of activity.

This year, there were 2 trades in my friendly league and 1 (involving myself) in my roto league. This made all star players virtually untouchable outside of the draft. If you didn’t pick enough all stars, too bad; you weren’t gettin’ any. Not having any big name players on the market really dulled the play of the fantasy bball league, but my friendly league was still competitive till the end.

March Madness has produced mixed results as well.

I finally beat my girlfriend in ESPN’s Tournament Challenge (all of her Final Four picks have been eliminated/I still have Louisville).

Thank Christ. I was actually worried there for a second.

If Louisville won, I won. If The Shockers won, she won.

We went to my parents’ 30th wedding anniversary party last night and watched the Final Four coverage there. My whole family loves my girlfriend and wanted The Shockers to again defy all odds and pull off another victory against a one seed.

Thankfully, you can trust Pitinos further than you can throw ’em. Ol’ Ricky pulled out a come-from-behind W.

“There can be only one…BRACKET WINNER!”

And now, having claimed supreme knowledge of all things college basketball, my girlfriend has to cook me dinner.

Which is more like a punishment, really.


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