Tebow to Pats: Wicked Smawt?

Yesterday, word came that Tim Tebow signed with the Pats and will be suiting up for camp soon under the guidance of offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, his former coach at the Denver Broncos. What exactly does this say about the Pats?

I love Tim Tebow for one reason, and one reason only. My best friend is a die hard Steelers fan, and this happened:

Ah, yes. Still makes me smile!

There’s nothing more fun than watching your best friend’s hopes and dreams being dashed right before your eyes. I’ve never let him live this moment down. If you’ve read my article Trim that Tree! then you’d know I made my Christmas tree topper Tebow, just to piss my friend off during the holidays.

Hell, even my girlfriend, who never watches football, thinks Tebow sucks, which is what makes him so likable to me!

But honestly, I cannot fathom how the Pats would risk such a move. I never did have a favorite NFL team until last year–my first year to play fantasy. I had Stevan Ridley as my RB1, and he rarely let me down. Each week, I’d tune in to see him get 100 yds. and a touchdown without fail.

The Pats offense is just so damn fun to watch! They tear teams up on a regular basis. But why bring Tebow in?

The Jets proved that if Tebow doesn’t get playing time, his fans go nuts. But I have a feeling having Brady at QB will shut most people up. With Welker and Lloyd gone and Gronk and Hernandez constantly hurting, I could see how they could line Tebow up in the slot or as a TE, but the mystery remains…

How the hell will they use him?!


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