Tuesday Morning Relief: Fantasy Draft Recap

LL draft

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The Literally Literate League had our fantasy draft last night, and there were surprises galore! A few reaches, a few mistakes, and a few technical glitches made the draft terribly exciting, and for most, terribly nerve racking.

Mandy, a first timer writes about the excitement of joining her first league:

“About a week ago, I was talking to my friend Tyler. I’m not sure how it came up, but he mentioned there was a spot left on the Fantasy football team he was on. I thought it would be fun to give it a shot, so I e-mailed the manager. Boom: got me a football league. Mmmhmm. Watch out, boys (and girls). Here comes KEEF. I fully committed my upcoming weekend to learning all I could and devising a strategy and team that would leave people stunned.

Then reality happened: yard work, housework, and Pinterest.”

Damn Pinterest! Luckily she was able to pry herself away for a few, to get some studying done.

“To be fair, on Saturday I did go to my grandmother’s house (Read: one of the most knowledgeable sports people I know), and she gave me some tips. Of course, she’s an everything-Texas fan, if we don’t have it Oklahoma. A couple of times, she wanted me to clarify if it were college or pro.

‘It’s pro, Grandmother. We can’t use college.’ So she started naming off all her favorite Dallas players: Romo, Murray, and a few others I don’t remember. Then she clapped her hands together, in a dusting-my-hands-with-enthusiasm sort of way, and said she would be right back–she had to consult her newspaper that was covering some players to look out for. She came back and rattled off two names, which I cannot recall. Her eyes twinkled.

‘One is with the Rangers and the other is with the Angels…’

My head snapped up.

‘Grandmother! Are those baseball players!?’

‘Oh, well, yes.’ She giggled and shook her head and told me to call my cousin Debbie.

Of course. Debbie. Why didn’t I just do that to begin with? She gave me a really solid list, and I went home thinking I had it in the bag.

I just forgot about it on Sunday, and by the time Monday came around, I was freaking out a little.”

This happens every draft. The thing is, no matter how much research you put into your draft order each year, the real deal will always have surprises.

Mandy writes,  “With everything out of the way and the kids fed, I gave strict and threatening orders to leave me alone until I gave the signal. What that signal was, neither child was brave enough to ask. I was ready to sit down and take a crash course with the intent of finalizing my list, and I prayed the Internet would not go out.

It didn’t start out well. I spent a good majority on the wrong league site. I almost let Kyle talk me into using the auto-pick (I knew you were out to get me). And when I couldn’t find the auto-pick after I got to the right league page, I almost broke down. I needed some more guidance.

I called my aunt Myrna, and she put me in contact with my cousin Pat (Deb’s bro). He gave me an awesome resource (which is actually what James sent me) and gave me some pointers. This is when I learned what “snake” actually meant.

Plan: shot.

Result: tears, cuss words, confusion, and nearly quitting.”

Luckily, she stuck it out, though!  Even through an embarrassing rookie mistake.

“I start to lose track of my cheat sheet, and then about halfway through the draft, it happens.

Thirty-six seconds left, and no one I am entering in is available. I start panicking. What do I do? Who do I pick! I try to find my place on the list and keep entering in names to no avail.

Twenty seconds.

Should I just pick someone farther down that no one is picking yet? Beat the rush? Seal a deal?

Fifteen seconds.

I don’t know! It seems a little foolish. I mean, if no one else is doing it that way, why should I? 

Five seconds.


Matt Bryant: kicker (ATL).”

Picking a kicker in the middle of the draft will always get you heckled.

“This is what ensued:

James:  Mandy, NOOOOOOO!

I think it was all down hill from there.”

Rookie mistakes happen, though. My first year, I had no idea what “running back by committee” meant.  Yes, I was that guy who got RB’s from the Saints, the Panthers, and a guy from Washington named Roy Helu, who you will recall was worthless.

In the heat of the moment, sometimes you can straight up freak.

Another member of our league, Lindsey writes,  “Even typing this hours later, my heart still pounds at the thought of the madness that is the draft. I had two computer screens open, a stack of papers in front of me, and a pen and highlighter handy.The ninety seconds per draft pick, especially when it was my turn, seemed like the fastest seconds I’d ever experienced. Were there a couple Hail Mary picks on my part as time ran out? Of course. Do I still plan to dominate my league this season? You better believe it.

The two voices inside my head during the draft (you can pick which one’s the angelic one) are ESPN’s Matthew Berry’s and my brother’s, who typically dominates the numerous leagues he enters, but my strategy is always a hybrid of advice I’ve gleaned from them over the years and my own preferences. (I got teased for choosing Forte again, but my love for Chicago runs deep.)”

And indeed, she chose Forte again. Being a little bit headstrong and truly believing in your hunches can be key, though. Everyone is saying that Romo is terrible, but I was planning on picking him up in a late round, only to see him swept off the board by someone else, leaving me with Andrew Luck, who I had last year and was not too pleased with.

For having the third pick, I feel that I did all right this year. No running back by committee, and Stevie Johnson is my #4 WR this year, instead of my #2, so that’s a plus.

Look over our draft, and let us know what YOU think!

And check out Mandy’s blog at www.somewhatspotty.blogspot.com
And Lindsey’s at www.iruninheels.com
Thanks, ladies!

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