Tuesday Morning Relief: The Case for Justin Blackmon


So I went and did it. I usually hate picking up delinquents, but I just couldn’t pass up Justin Blackmon.

Yesterday, I picked up the Jacksonville Jaguars WR and ultimately dropped Alshon Jeffrey because of it. In our ten-team league, no one drafted him, most likely because he is sitting out for the first four games. But to say that, even after serving his suspension, he won’t end up in the top 160 of fantasy points is ludicrous, I think.

Last season, Blackmon ranked 121st in total points in ESPN standard scoring while scoring 0 fantasy points in 4 different games. And with his performance in the preseason, it only stands to reason that he could easily produce those same numbers.

Moreover, with my group of receivers, Blackmon is my sixth stringer. Ahead of Blackmon are Demaryius Thomas, Reggie Wayne, James Jones, Stevie Johnson, and Houston rookie DeAndre Hopkins, who some are touting as a possible Offensive Rookie of the Year candidate.

As an OU alum, sure it stings a bit to pick him up (I also had high hopes for A. Jeffrey this year), but hey, if Blackmon can stay off drugs and away from confrontation, he may just be worth the risk.


One thought on “Tuesday Morning Relief: The Case for Justin Blackmon

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