Humpday Horoscopes: Peering into the Fantasy Future


For this first installment of amazing telekinetic predictions, I use my ESP skills to gaze into the maddening abyss that is the fantasy football future and return back here in normal space time with some gems of information on players who will return to former glory this year.


Matthew Stafford (QB)

matt s

After an 80 point decline from his 2011 to his 2012 seasons, one thing is still for certain: they love, love, love to throw the ball in Detroit. Stafford routinely leads  the league in throws, and no one sees that changing anytime soon. The return of Ryan Broyles could open up defenses, who usually only worry about Calvin Johnson. The addition of Reggie Bush should also help out Stafford, as Bush continues to be one of the best receiving RB’s, right behind Darren Sproles. This season Expect to see Stafford in the top 5 QB’s.

Tony Romo (QB)


No doubt most everyone and their dog blames Romo for the lack of productivity on offense for the Cowboys, but he actually posts amazing numbers despite having almost every offensive weapon hurt at some point every year. The Cowboys and Romo truly have something to prove this year, and it’s time to put up or shut up. If the Boys can stay healthy, expect Romo to creep into the top 7 QB ranks.

Dwayne Bowe (WR)


Adding Alex Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs roster has bolstered a lot of praise for the output of the oft-hyped Bowe. Many FF owners have been waiting for this prospect to finally eclipse 1,200 yards and 7 touchdowns, only to be disappointed yet again. With a new coach and a QB who can sling lasers, I can see Bowe having a career year, when I look into my crystal ball this year.

Larry Fitzgerald (WR)


Ol’ Fitzy had one of his worst years ever in 2012, but like Bowe, many are hoping that a new coach and QB can somehow resurrect his career. I see very good things in Fitzgerald upcoming season, including his return to the top 10 in WR categories. Carson Palmer is no Godsend, but he will do for a receiver who can pluck just about any ball from his near vicinity.

Steven Jackson (RB)


Let’s face it. No one likes playing for the Rams. They have great talent, but no foundation with which to exhibit that talent. Now that Jackson is on the high-flying Atlanta Falcons offense, it’s not crazy to think that their offensive numbers could somehow be even gaudier. Jackson has been considered a has-been for quite some time now, but my powers of telepathy are telling me that he will have a season for the ages! I’ve got him pegged as a top 10 kinda guy.

DeMarco Murray (RB)


Confidence in Murray’s game is rapidly dwindling. In fact, in ESPN standard scoring, he is slotted just above Danny Woodhead and Vick Ballard, two backups, and just below Willis Mcgahee, who doesn’t even play for a team. This is shenanigans, I say! As mentioned previously, if the Boys don’t win, they get fired this year, in my mind, so it’s now or never for a guy who has crazy upside. I’m calling top 12 stats this year in the RB department.


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