Tuesday Morning Relief: Week One Recap

fx-fantasy-football-nfl-the-league-ecards-someecardsWeek One of the Fantasy Football season is now complete, and we’ve got 5 victors in the books, quite a few flops out of the gate, and a handful of surprising story lines, heading into the waiver period tomorrow.
wk 1 res

Yours Truly ended up atop the leaderboard this week, but not without concerns for my running game. This week there were only a few RB’s who actually got their predicted results, and my guys were a bit lackluster. Doug Martin has me slightly concerned, and I’m hoping Gore can produce soon enough, albeit the Packers D was quite incredible this week. For newcomer Mandy, she did great with Colin Kaepernik, but Calvin Johnson and Dez Bryant combining for 5 fantasy points?! That’s a stone cold shocker!

wk 1 resu

Cousin Vinny and the Trophy Wife squared off for a high-scoring thriller this week, with Cousin Vinny pulling away. Look for Trophy Wife to have a strong run this season, though, as she still had TE Jordan Cameron, RB Shane Vereen, and QB Eli Manning on her bench, which would have netted her an extra 23 fantasy points!

wk 1 resul

Breaking Bradshaw and Team Reese went down to the wire, with Bradshaw just narrowly edging her out. A couple bench players made my All-Surprise team this week: Anquan Boldin went bananas for 29 fantasy points while Joique Bell added 20. Be sure to keep tabs on both of these dudes.

wk 1 result

No doubt there was some RB disappointment in this matchup between Spacin’ Vaders and Crawrsenal FC as Lamar Miller and David Wilson combined for -3 fantasy points. Looks like the Dolphins are not too keen on Miller over Daniel Thomas, and word is that the Giants hate Wilson so much that they are going to try out Willis McGahee and a couple other free agent RB’s to help in the absence of Andre Brown.

wk 1 results

Quite a few headlines from this Don’t Call Me Rodney/Blair Walsh Project matchup. One, what happened to Stevan Ridley? Two, the re-emergence of Larry Fitzgerald. And three, apparently any D that plays the Jags will be amazing!

Now, for my Week One All-Surprise Team, guys who outperformed their projections and could be worth a trade or waiver pickup:

QB: Carson Palmer, Michael Vick

RB: Shane Vereen [update: injured], Joique Bell

WR: Anquan Boldin, Brian Hartline, Michael Floyd

TE: Julius Thomas, Owen Daniels, Jordan Cameron

D: Kansas City Chiefs

K: Eh, who cares.


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