Tuesday Morning Relief: From First to Worst


In the span of one week, I went from being the top point-getter in the league, to last. Oh, fantasy football, how you taunt me. Hunter S. Thompson once wrote, “All energy flows according to the great Magnet. What a fool I was to deny him.”

A Fool indeed.

wk 2 game 1So my production was cut in half. So the running back corps I thought was elite is mostly just diminished. So I barely snuffed out a win with six players scoring less than 5 fantasy points. So what? A W’s a W in my books, but I can’t say I’m not worried. Frank Gore will hopefully get some yardage at some point. And maybe I can figure out this WR rotation I’ve got going on. My bench did better than my starters, but at least I know I’ve rostered the right players. This week I was saved by the 49ers, who completely crapped out on Team Reese. Otherwise, I think she woulda gotten me.

wk 2 game 2Another low-scoring close one was battled out between Crawrsenal FC and the Trophy Wife, with CFC barely edging her out by ten points. CFC got a huge contribution from the Bears D, who scored a touchdown in week 2. Also for the Bears, but on the bench, Martellus Bennett has been making quite the impression in the regular season, despite a very mild preseason with the team. The Trophy Wife, meanwhile, drops to 0-2 in the league, after getting no love from her WR’s. Next up for her is a matchup with Spacin’ Vaders, a tough team to beat so far this year.

wk 2 game 3Don’t Call Me Rodney whooped up on the Dez Dispenser, despite getting no-show 0’s from two players–Aaron Rodgers, Beast Mode, and DeSean Jackson carrying the load. The Dez Dispenser got plenty of help from the law firm of Dez, Calvin, and Olsen, but lacked big numbers in the running game and at QB. The Dez Dispenser falls to 0-2 but has the talent to start a winning streak soon. For DCMR Aaron Rodgers has been absolutely huge this year, along with DeSean Jackson and Randall Cobb.

wk 2 game 4Cousin Vinny’s Escort Service continues to stomp through the competition, once again posting huge numbers en route to their second victory. Adrien Peterson and Reggie Bush failed to produce two weeks in a row, but Cousin Vinny is leading the league in scoring currently and doesn’t look to relinquish the spot anytime soon. Of note in this game for The Blair Walsh Project, Stevan Ridley still fails to produce while Larry Fitzgerald goes down with an injury after a very productive week one.

wk 2 game 5In the Breaking Bradshaw/Spacin’ Vaders matchup this week, Bradshaw ran away at the end for a 28 point victory, behind some really strong WR games. Bradshaw is my next opponent, and so far, his squad looks incredibly tough. With Knowshon Moreno making strides in Denver, I’m not really looking forward to him adding him off his bench. Yikes! Spacin’ Vaders suffers from poor WR performances this week and falls to 1-1 and goes on to play the Trophy Wife in week 3.

Now, with Waiver Wednesday coming up, here’s a look at some of this weeks top available prospects in the Literally literate League:


Matt Schaub, Hou

Phillip Rivers, SD

Jay Cutler, Chi


James Starks, GB

Da’Rel Scott, NYG

Jason Snelling, ATL


Eddie Royal, SD

Marlon Brown, Bal

Doug Baldwin, Sea


Tyler Eifert, Cin

Coby Fleener, Ind





Who cares?


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Relief: From First to Worst

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