Literally Literate Power Rankings Wk 3


I’ve been hard at work, crunching the numbers on our league members this season, in order to come up with a reliable, weekly ranking system.

The formula I employed in this ranking system is called the Oberon Mt. Power Rating Formula, a system that not only lets me keep track of our current year, but also allows me to plug in everyone’s stats from last year, to see which team is the greatest of all time!

The math is somewhat easy, but thankfully, the creator has provided an Open Office link here, so that you can simply plug your league’s info in. It goes like this:

(avg score x 6) + [(high score + low score) x 2] + [(winning % x 200) x 2]


Here’s a look at how our league’s numbers came out:

rankings wk 3

And here’s the Literally Literate Power Rankings for Week 3:

1. Cousin Vinny’s Escort Services   128

2. [Br]eaking [Br]adshaw   125

3. Don’t Call Me Rodney   104

4. I Pitta the Fool   102

5. Spacin’ Vaders   92

6. The Blair Walsh Project   86

7. Crawrsenal FC   81

8. Dez Dispenser   62

9. Trophy Wife   59

10. Team Reese   47

Good luck in week three!


2 thoughts on “Literally Literate Power Rankings Wk 3

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