Trent Richardson to the Colts


For anyone who’s a Browns fan (That was my first joke of this article.), the news that your horrible team traded the one good player on the squad for a non-guaranteed first round pick next year has to be tough. But let’s be real, it’s the totally Browns thing to do AMIRITE?

The Browns are one of the worst teams ever. In fact, I sometimes forget they are even in the league, or mostly just confuse them with the Bengals. Good ‘ol TRich was just about the closest they ever came to being stable, but just like Miley Cyrus on a molly bender, the Browns staff, even apparently this new regime, is still chompin’ at the bit for any sense of ruining a good thing.

It’s like that protagonist in a book, who never gets anything in life, then one day, he lands an amazing job with great pay, only to cheat on his wife of twenty years with a hoodrat with syphilis. The Browns just eat up some drama, man!

Why they would do this deal, when clearly Trent Richardson could end up being a solid workhorse for years, for one first round pick is really beyond me. I assume, with the news of the team benching Brandon Weedon for some other QB who sucks, that the team is looking for the next run-capable QB to come out of college.

The only problem is that those guys aren’t tested, Indy could actually be good and make their pick fall in the draft, and now, management has effectively held up a big middle finger to all 6 of their fans.

Indy, though? That’s a team you want to bandwagon onto! They almost went all the way with a coach suffering a severe illness and Luck leading like a bajillion comebacks. Richardson will be perfect for the Colts and will hopefully open up more opportunities for the passing game (I have Luck as my starting QB).

Honestly, I wouldn’t feel safe starting any Browns player this year, even the new RB Willis McGahee.

Go Colts!!


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