The Ghost of Cory Monteith


If you’re a FF fan, then no doubt you’ve been disappointed in the Thursday night football debacles of late. Last night, however, saw the Niners return to fine form against the current League whipping boy St. Louis Rams. Frank Gore, my no. 2 RB finally busted off some runs and a TD. Unfortunately for me, my pop culture obsessed girlfriend wanted to watch the Glee season premiere/heroin addict tribute on TV.

Yes, instead of watching Gore go 34 yds for his TD in the first half, I was sitting through a terribly directed version of the Beatles’ “All You Need is Love” performed by thirty-something-year old actors, playing high schoolers, who wear clothes from the eighties, but also text on iPhones.

Edgy, I know.

I’ll admit that this was my first time watching Glee, and I’ve got to say, doesn’t look like I’ve missed much. If anyone can tell me how the directorial skills of a porno aficionado distracted by boobies, combined with the complete lack of setting, propped up by old fogies playing the parts of children–somewhat reminiscent of  90210–is interesting, I would be all ears.

Those poor real-life choir kids and drama nerds, who make up the assumed majority of the audience, must really, really not have much going on in their lives.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m just steaming from having to watch the live feed of the Thursday night game on my phone. But for real, Glee has no plot, brah.

Seems like they just set up a 20-second scene that somehow contains the loose narrative of the lyrics in the upcoming song, to no real overall flow whatsoever.

Just my first-time experience of the program.

Not to mention that the big issue of Cory Monteith dying in real life wasn’t even addressed. I mean, if you need to explain the absence of a notable character, why not wait till 4 weeks in?

Thank God there wasn’t an aftershow to discuss the nothingness that just took place, and I got to see the second half of the game. So far this season, the greatest highlight from the Thursday night games has been my girlfriend and I coming up with audible signal calls for ladies. After seeing Tom Brady and Peyton Manning audible countless times during their games, my fair lady decided she’d implement some of her own, were she to lead a football team.

While they seem to go with cities or animals like “OMAHA,” or “PANTHER” for offensive calls, or letters and directions for defense, like “TIPS RIGHT” or “ROVER,” she prefers audibles with a more feminine touch.

Maybe shout, “MOSCATO, MOSCATO,” for an out route, or “LEOPARD FLATS,” for a read-option call.

But, alas, the football Gods finally got their act together and put up an exciting game (for anyone who is not a Rams fan). My boy Gore got me 19 big ones, and, had he not been vultured by no-name backups, he could’ve scored two more TD’s.

So, a few teams have early leads with the completion of the first game of the week. But those never really last, do they? Here’s a peak at the match ups this week:

wk 4 game 1

wk 4 game 2

wk 4 game 3

wk 4 game 4

wk 4 game 5


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