A Show of Force: Week 8 Power Rankings


Much like Kim Un here, I was only slightly amused by my performance this week. I topped out on points, but lost my RB2 and WR2, which left me scrambling on the waiver wire. I picked up J. Boykin from Green Bay and Roy Helu from Washington to help smooth things out. Darren Sproles coming back should help, and hopefully Zach Stacy will continue to run hard in St. Louis.

With that in mind, here’s how this week’s power rankings shake out for the Literally Literate FFL:

wk 8 power ranks

1) [Br]eaking [Br]adshaw 141

2) Cousin Vinny’s Escort Services 138

3) I Pitta the Fool 120

4) Trophy Wife 118

5) Spacin’ Vaders 111

6) Team Reese 106

7) Dez Dispenser 103

8) The Blair Walsh Project 102

9) Crawrsenal FC 101

9) Don’t Call Me Rodney 101


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