Social (Fantasy) Network: Value is where you find it

My team’s MVP so far is Frank Gore, fosho! Double digit points almost every game! Blogs

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If you’ve been watching “NFL Fantasy LIVE” this week (and why wouldn’t you be?) you know that we’ve been handing out our midseason awards. If you’re fortunate enough to have a handful of the nominees on your roster, you’re probably having a pretty good season.

Unless you’re stuck with the guys on the list of busts. Or you’re this poor guy.

But we’d prefer to focus on the positive here at the Social (Fantasy) Network. So we asked a simple question this week … who’s your midseason MVP? The answer seemed pretty easy.


Okay, besides him.


I said besides him…oh, wait. Jamaal Charles? That is different. At least, so I thought at the beginning. Turns out, Charles has been the fantasy equivalent of warm milk and cookies for plenty of you.


Actually, quite a few of you gave big-ups to…

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