Tuesday Morning Relief: Straight Scramblin’


scrambled-eggs-su-1017334-lReal rough game, this week. Up against some stiff competition in Spacin’ Vaders, I found myself second guessing my QB decision. I had Terrelle Pryor as my Andrew Luck backup, but I dropped him for Carson Palmer on the waivers, who I then dropped for Alex Smith through free agency, who I then ditched ten minutes to kickoff for Geno Smith, who ended up scoring me 2 pts.


How’d those other guys work out?

Alex Smith 21

Terrelle Pryor 15

Carson Palmer 12

I know, right? BRILLIANT!

Can’t say the news got any better when Julius Thomas went down with an ankle injury, and just last night Zac Stacy went down with an ankle injury.

Add to that the fact that Darren Sproles’ fantasy numbers this year are utterly abysmal.

At least I’ve still got Demaryius Thomas in the stable…

Prolly just jinxed myself.

Here’s how this week’s games turned out.

wk 8 results

Big ups for Dez Dispenser getting the highest point total so far this year! They had Calvin Johnson and Dez Bryant, who both went nutzo. One on the field, and one on the sideline. Golden Tate got a sick taunt in on the Seahawks, who got disrespected by Steve Smith last week.  They also saw Colin Kaepernick return to form. Toss in the Bengals D with 2 pick 6’s and Darren Mcfadden with 2 TD’s, and 171 is gonna be hard for me to beat in week nine!

dez dispThe spots generally remain the same, and in our ESPN page I’m still in the hunt for the playoffs, so hopefully the wire will be good to me this week. Daddy needs a winning streak!


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