FBB Week One Review

espn copies meWeek one’s over with, and since picking up some key players, I’ve just about got my roster the way I want it. I was definitely not prepared for the start of the fantasy basketball season, but I’ve been quickly catching up! The team I picked is second only to my girlfriend’s (which I also drafted), and my key waiver moves of Miles Plumlee and Lance Stephenson were profiled soon after on ESPN. Above is their article, which came out after mine below.

espn copies me2

Definite confidence boost!

Like I said, my GF and I did well this week. Yes, I drafted for her, but I’ve been showing her how to update her roster, and she seems to be catching on quite fast! She’s leading in points right now, and I squeaked into second among some stiff competition:

bball wk 1

Here’s how my roster broke down for the week.

bball wk 1 roster

Kevin Love, Miles Plumlee, and Spencer Hawes have been killin’ it on the inside, and old dudes Tony Parker and Ray Allen look to be solid adds. Some stiff competition this week, but I’m feeling confident. Hopefully ESPN will stop sniping my On the Rise segment, though. Guess we’ll see on Friday..



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