Week 10 Power Rankings


Week 10 is upon us, and the race for the playoffs is in full swing! There’s a three-way tie for the last two playoff spots, and I plan on getting one.

My lineup is finally full strength, and I couldn’t be more optimistic than this week. IF all goes according to plan, I should be able to have a big week (which I desperately need in a tiebreaker situation).

Check out how the Mt. Oberton formula ranks our teams this week in the Literally Literate FFL:

wk 10 rankingsWeek 10 Power Rankings:

1) [Br]eaking [Br]adshaw 149

2) Cousin Vinny’s Escort Services 131

3) Spacin’ Vaders 120

4) I Pitta the Fool 119

5) Trophy Wife 118

6) Dez Dispenser 117

7) The Blair Walsh Project 112

8) Don’t Call Me Rodney 102

9) Team Reese 99

10) Crawrsenal FC 98


3 thoughts on “Week 10 Power Rankings

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