On the Rise: Blatche, Hill, and Anderson

Partner-PhotoThey may sound like a cheesy law firm partnership, but Blatche, Hill, and Anderson are actually my three latest pickups.

Ryan Anderson


He’s already owned in 100% of ESPN standard leagues, but only after a 16% jump this last week. He made his first appearance for the New Orleans Pelicans and knocked out 21 fantasy points, to then drop 22 the next game. He hits three’s like a madman, and I’m happy to finally make up for J.R. Smith, who I quickly dropped for Anderson.

Jordan Hill


Hill is averaging 32 fantasy points per game the last four outings, behind three double-doubles, finishing with at least 18 points in each of those contests. Let’s face it, the Lakers suck…real hard. And Chris Kaman is pretty much a bump on a log. Hill got 36 minuets last game, though he’s still not technically a starter. I think that’ll be changing, seeing as how D’antoni has been giving young guys like Xavier Henry and Steve Blake a run at playing time as of late, with all the old fogies nursing old-man injuries. Jordan Hill, still available in in about 12% of leagues, after seeing a 67% increase this week.

Andray Blatche


When he’s not getting arrested, Blatche has a tendency to be a good player. This one is the furthest stretch by far, as he is only owned in 1.7% of leagues. He’s been paying well, since all of the Nets are hurt right now. But he has a criminal for a coach in Jason Kidd, so maybe he can convince him for more playing time over some drugs and hookers.


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