FBB Week 4 Review: Not Much Patience Left



Four weeks into the fantasy basketball season, and I’m on a  three-game losing skid. Not exactly how I pictured this season going so far.

I feel like a have a good squad, and had Spencer Hawes not sat out this week, I could’ve pulled out a W. But, alas, it wasn’t meant to be, and I fell once again.

bb wk 4 review


Add to this the fact that I’m playing my girlfriend this week and her team, which has been the top scorer twice already (Spoiler Alert: I drafted for her). But I have learned from her team that I should take it easy with my lineup choices. I’ve tried not to go crazy just yet, but if I lose again, I may have to start clearing the bench and filling the lineup just to get W’s stacked up.

bb week 4 standings


Even with my early season debacle, I’m still sitting in sixth place, so the world hasn’t ended just yet. I can’t really put a thumb on what I’m doing wrong just yet (I have the most points against so far, so that doesn’t help), but hopefully the Law of Averages will come into effect, and I can grab some victories soon. If not, then I’m just gonna give myself up to the Curse of DeAndre Jordan and hope not to get last.


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