Tuesday Morning Relief: The Agony of Defeat

agonyThis is me bitching.

I swear to god, I just might lose it.

Sitting at 6-4 with three weeks left in the regular season, I could’ve clinched a spot in the playoffs, but have yet to win. Knowing that all of my effort thus far has resulted in a.500 record that basically proves what a crapshoot this is, is quite disheartening. I still have a shot to make it, but I need a win, more desperately than the American Music Awards needs people of color (Forreallz, bro? Maclemore and Ryan Lewis win Rap/Hip Hop artist of the year over Kendrick Lamar and A$ap Rocky? BITCH PLEASE).

I should probably change my team name to The ICU, since almost every RB I’ve played has been hurt. Darren Sproles, Doug Martin, and Zac Stacy have all gone down in crucial match ups. Hell, the only WR I have left from the draft is James Jones, and I haven’t played him in forever.

I’ve had to patch together a squad as the season has gone on, and it’s kinda wearin’ on me.

Last night, in need of huge points, Frank Gore took on the easiest run D in the whole league and came away with 3 fantasy points. Alfred Morris at least got me 5.

wk 12 results

Now, it’s all down to this: a make or break showdown with Don’t Call Me Rodney, who has been on a high-scoring streak as of late and has Marshawn Lynch and Desean Jackson coming off bye. I absolutely have to win to get in, and maybe even score high as well.

wk 12 match upI went into the final weeks of the season feeling uberconfident, only to have that glimmer of hope vanish like a fart in the wind.

Granted, anything better than last place like last year would count as a success, but I desperately want to just have a shot at the title, the Literally Literate Championship belt:

trophy6All I can do is pray to the Fantasy Gods and hope I can finally overcome The Curse of Stevie Johnson.


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