Literally Literate Fantasy Football Playoff Preview

trophy6The only thing that stands between the four playoff teams and the championship belt is four weeks of football.

In what I’m sure the NFL Network is billing as the battle of the century, two god-awful…football teams? face off tonight when the Houston Texans take on the Jacksonville Jaguars. Not a whole lot to affect the playoffs just yet in this game, although Andre Johnson, Ben Tate, and MJD could help out fantasy lineups.

Here’s a peak at the match ups this week:

playoffs week oneI’m really not sure why ESPN puts team 5 against the next best team in the consolation bracket (kinda defies all bracketology), but whatever, I’m still committed to finish strong!

Here’s the match ups in the winner’s bracket:

playoffs wk 1 game 1

4) Spacin’ Vaders vs. 1) [Br]eaking [Br]adshaw

Really hard to go against [Br]eaking [Br]adshaw here, as he’s been thoroughly dismantling teams this year, but if Vaders can avoid injury, I could see a playoff week one upset. Losing twice in a row is something [Br]adshaw doesn’t do, though. I’m pretty pumped to see this one pan out.

3) Trophy Wife vs. 2) Cousin Vinny

3) Trophy Wife vs. 2) Cousin Vinny

The second match up is a tough one for me to call, since I’m a real life fan of both participants. Withholding personal feelings, I’ve got Cousin Vinny running away with this one, but with Josh Gordon on her side, Trophy Wife is possible of anything!

Vote now for who you think will prevail in week one of the Literally Literate Fantasy Football League:


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