Fantasy Basketball Week 6 Review

loser-300x224Well, another week has passed in the fantasy basketball season, and I continue to lose. I currently have the most points against in our league, which doesn’t surprise me, since I write a blog on fantasy sports. Peeps be tryin’ to get at me.

Luckily the team I drafted for my girlfriend continues to absolutely kill it, once again getting the highest point total for the week.

bball wk 6 reviewI’ve got faith in my team, and Kevin Love is coming back this week, after the death of his grandmother, so that should add a cool 100-150 points. My pickups have been great too! If you didn’t notice, ESPN once again followed my lead by suggesting picking up Taj Gibson, after I hyped him up in my last On the Rise segment. I guess this is going to happen every week.

espnNot sure why they haven’t talked up Koufos, but if you’re wondering, ESPN writers, I just picked up Brandon Bass and Andrew Bynum, so go ahead and talk them up next.

Both have paid off so far, and I don’t know why anyone would let rookie Kelly Olynyk back into the starting role in Boston when he comes back from injury. Bass is getting 20 fantasy points every game, and doesn’t look to relinquish his spot. Bynum is always a risk, but damn, he’s been good as of late. I’m hoping he can continue to produce on a double-double type level.

I’m 2-4 right now, but it’s a long, long season. For now, though, I’m living vicariously through the team I picked for my girlfriend.

kylee'sCan anyone stop her reign of dominance? Probably not.


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