Fantasy Football Playoffs–Week 2

failureWe’re one week into the fantasy football playoffs, and some huge scores were posted, making week two very, very interesting.

In the winner’s bracket, Trophy Wife is looking to upset No. 2 Cousin Vinny’s Escort Services by posting a ginormous 133 in the first week.

wk 14 result 1[Br]eaking [Br]adshaw continues to roll through the competition, and it seems it will take a monster force to stop him.

wk 14 result 2In the consolation bracket, I’m currently down, but it was a crazy week! The snow really messed with a lot of lineups, and I’m starting to seriously regret trading for Alfred Morris. The Skins have absolutely sucked lately, and I have zero confidence in them. Thankfully Shane Vereen has paid off for me, and with Gronk out, I’m hoping Julian Edelman keeps rolling with his big receiving games.

Here’s how the first week shook out in Loser Land:

wk 14 result 3Overall, this is shaping up to be the toughest competition our league has seen, as the average points for the first week of playoffs was a cool 100 points. Things are heating up!


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