FBB Week 7 Review

Loser sign ed

Well, I’ve lost again, friends. Will there be any end to my horrible results of late?

I can’t feel too bad, since the person I played got a ginormous score of 1,040. I thought I had a good day, when I scored 242:

wk 7 score

But it turns out, she got 251 the next day:

wk 7 score her

Lamarcus Aldridge absolutely killed me.

Right now, I really need to start streaking if I plan on making a real splash in the playoffs. my score isn’t too far off the best in the league, though, so at least I’m not totally slipping. I gave away Josh Smith, only to see him finally go off, so that sucks. Rudy Gay is finally doing well after his trade to the Kings. Kevin Love continues to kill it, but I had to drop Amar’e after a couple more games. Here’s the full shakedown for the league:

wk 7 results


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