Tuesday Morning Relief: A Tie in My Playoff Matchup

ugly-tie-contest-sideI got my first tie in fantasy football in the consolation ladder. We ended up knotted at 206. Luckily I had more overall points, I got to advance to play The Blair Walsh Project, who finished up in the 8 spot and beat Dez Dispenser with the help of Justin Tucker. Here’s a glimpse at the other scores:

wk 15 resultsIn the winner’s bracket, both favorites Cuusin Vinny’s Escort Services and [Br]eaking [Br]adshaw won out and will advance to the championship:

wk 16 champRight now, the computers and scary robots have the slight edge on the side of Cousin Vinny, but either way, it should be a really exciting game! these two have led the pack the whole way this season, and it’s great to finally see them duke it out for The Belt. They’ve met once before during the season, with [Br]eaking [Br]adshaw winning outright with a score of 98-87, on the backs of Jamaal Charles and Knowshon Moreno. Charles just had one of the greatest games in fantasy football history, and with the Chiefs in a hotly contested race for the playoffs, he could be the key to victory for [Br]eaking [Br]adshaw. However, if Cousin Vinny can get a healthy Adrian Peterson, anything is possible. Here’s their last match up in week 6:

champ matchupVote below for who you think will win this time!!


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