Guest Post: What Your Guy Wants for Christmas

k, byeee!

Christmas is a week away, and if you’re left second-guessing whether or not your gift for your significantly male other is manly enough, you’re in luck! I just so happen to have testicles, and will let you know whether or not your gift sucks.

Since we’re such complex beings (SPOILER ALERT: We love booze and titties), here’s some general guidelines for buying for men:

Clothes—No dude wants to unwrap your Polo by Ralph Lauren sweater vest on Christmas.  And unless your boyfriend is secretly a hair dresser, he’s probably not gonna walk around town in that Burberry jacket.

So make sure the only animal print you get your man is something with the Baltimore Ravens logo on it, and you should be safe.  No man wants your “fashion forward” polka dot parka over a personalized NBA jersey that reads “Big Balls” on the back.

What not to get:

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