On the Rise: Lakers B Squad

kobe hurt

Well, “Don’t call it a Comeback.” Kobe’s return to the floor was short-lived, after he jacked up his knee the other night. Word is he’s out at least six weeks.

Which is precisely why I just picked up Nick Young.


It’s hard to pinpoint just who exactly is going to benefit the most from Kobe’s absence, but some guard is bout to get some serious minutes! And Young has been really good lately. He’s poured in at least 12 points in every contest since Nov. 26 and is averaging 2 assists per game during that span.

But there are also others on the bench who have had success with Kobe out of the lineup. Wesley Johnson, Xavier Henry, and Jodie Meeks have all had glimmers of success filling in for the future Hall of Famer.

Look, it may not be pretty, but the points and assists have to come from somewhere, and I’m assuming these guys on the bench are preparing to play as if they could earn a long-term starting role. Why not take a lottery ticket on someone you think may pop off this season. The Lakers have looked more explosive with Kobe out. So that’s why I’m taking a chance on Nick Young.


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