Looking Back: The Best and Worst of Fantasy Football 2013

2013-Calendar-001a4This last year was definitely a step up for me in the fantasy football league. But when you finished last the year before, it’s hard to get any worse. Fortunately, I was able to make some good decisions this year that helped propel me to fifth place, missing the playoffs in the Literally Literate FFL by a mere 4 points. After going over all the stats, I’ve put together my best and worst moves from the year, in an attempt to get better in 2014.


LL draftI had a very specific strategy, going into the draft this year. I wanted to load up on RB’s and didn’t put as much stock into the WR’s. My thinking was that, week-to-week, it would be easy to sub in a lower caliber player and still get 10 points from them. I did this because there seems to be an abundance of higher scoring WR’s than there does RB’s. A team can only have one stud RB most times, but teams like the Falcons, Packers, and Bears are able to maintain a few WR’s with consistent numbers, because the QB’s are so talented. However, RB’s get hurt every year. They take a beating, and only true physical specimens can make it a whole season without sitting a game out, and this fact came back to bite me. I took Doug Martin and Darren Sproles early in the draft, only to see them be basically useless for me, which left me scrambling to find replacements while my receiving corps was mediocre to say the least. Next year I plan on still going RB with my first pick, but I’ll definitely be more open to taking a WR early on.


handshakeI only made one trade this year, and it was along the same lines as the draft you read above. When my RB’s went out, I had to hustle, and Demaryius Thomas was my only real trade bait. Meanwhile Alfred Morris was real hot! But after I got him, he fizzled out while Thomas kept producing. I was offered Le’Veon Bell at one point and turned it down, which I really regret. Danny Woodhead too. I just couldn’t seem to find the faith in guys who weren’t typical workhorse backs. I’m not sure I shoulda made that trade, and in the future, I plan on really trusting my gut more and not making a move until it is absolutely needed. I had Shane Vereen at the time, and he ended up being more valuable coming back from injury than a healthy Morris was.


kerry_drop_footballBoy, did I drop the ball on some of my dropped players this year. I started off by dropping Alshon Jeffery for Justin Blackmon, who I then dropped for Jonathon Franklin. Brilliant, right? Beyond these guys, the rest of my drops were quite justified. But this does demonstrate that I was able to find amazing value in the WR category either late in the draft or on the waiver wire. THERE ARE WR’S APLENTY!!


keep-calm-and-add-me-graphicWithout a doubt, my two best waiver wire adds were Keenan Allen WR and Nick Foles QB. Man, if I hadn’t added those two, I woulda been seriously screwed! Both ended up being every week starters despite match up. Foles only played 12 games and ended up 8th in QB scoring. I didn’t plan on getting Andrew Luck for the second year in a row, but I waited to pull the trigger on a QB in the draft, so luckily I swooped up Foles. He made it an easy decision who to start each week. Allen finished inside the top 20 WR’s along with a late add I had, Julian Edelman. I see all three of these guys being must haves next season! As far as TE’s, I was able to snag Julius Thomas, who is in the top tier at his position, along with Jimmy Graham. I also grabbed Zac Stacy after Hell descended upon the Rams. I’ve definitely got an eye for pickups, and let’s face it, with all the talent I dropped, I needed it!

Best Game:

1332825074.1524_600x480_new-high-scoreMy best game came in the very first week, which was quite intoxicating at the time. I racked up 139 big ones behind amazing games from D. Thomas and Luck. Martin, Sproles, and Gore all had ten plus points, and R. Wayne did his thing. I got the one good game out of Jared Cook, who posted 24 fantasy points, only to disappear off the face of the planet. My goal is always to get to 100 pts, but this year the competition was stiff, so I may try to shoot for more like 115 in the future. Gotta step ya game up!

What I Learned this Year:

downloadBasically, my big takeaway from this year’s play was to trust my gut. I’ve realized that I tend to overreact to things in the fantasy world and drop guys too soon. My adds are solid, and I should have no fear about finding gems on the wire. I should be open to making more unconvential draft moves to help snag star players, since there is so much talent available on the wire. I plan on getting guys with nicknames first, since they have nicknames for a reason. Look out Megatron, Legatron, Shady McCoy, AD, Beast Mode, and the like…I got ya’ll in my sights!


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