On the Rise: Randy Foye

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So I’m playing the best dude in our league this week, and I need all the help I can get. Down 26 points, I picked up Randy Foye yesterday, and you wouldn’t believe what happened. I pulled to within one point, when Foye went for 25 fantasy points.

I picked him up because he has demonstrated a real knack for the three ball lately, and the Nuggets seem content with giving him all the playing time he can handle. He’s scored at least 17 fantasy points in six out of his last seven games, and it looks like they’re gonna leave him in there to chuck it up!

Wanna know what’s even crazier?! He’s available in 95% of leagues! Why? I’m not exactly sure. Look, Kenneth Faried has fizzled out this year, and Corey Brewer ain’t nothin’. Ty Lawson and Nate Robinson are okay, but nothing special, so realistically, Foye brings talent and a spark that is desperately needed in Denver. Quit messin’ around and GRAB HIM!

He saved me last night, and he can help salvage your squad as well. Gems like this are getting harder and harder to come across.


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