On the Rise: Markieff Morris

markIf you haven’t heard, my boy Markieff has been goin’ off lately.

I picked him up about a week ago, and since then, he has scored 20; 11; 37; and 25 fantasy points in his last four games. Apparently the guy is kind of a dick, but after getting a talking to and finally receiving the confidence of his coaching staff, he has been straight money from the field, totaling at least fifteen points in 5 of his last 7 games. Now, the boards are not always there, but he has been known to drop a double-double about every four games.

Still, his production has been off the charts as of late, and he’s still only owned in 57% of ESPN leagues, after a 29% increase this last week. He still only averages 26 min. per game, coming off the bench, but history has shown that when he gets 30 min. he usually grabs a double-double. And in all of the games where he plays 30 min. he has scored in double figures.

So here’s to hoping that his streak of consistency continues, and he logs more PT. But for now, he should make for a solid add in any league.


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