Good-bye, Kendall Marshall: The Return of the Steve Squad

i (5)Well, it was good while it lasted. I ended up dropping Kendall Marshall for J.R. Smith last night. It looks as if the returns of Steve Nash, Steve Blake, and the impending return of Jordan Farmar have spelled devastation for a fantasy baller, who had been tearing it up all the way until last night, when the regular starters returned to action for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Kobe Bryant seems to still be a ways off from his return, but the comebacks of the Steve Squad, Nash and Blake, reduced Marshall’s usually great numbers to mediocre at best. The game before, Marshall had a double-double with 10 points and 12 assists. All the assists got eaten up last night, though, as Blake and Nash combined for 15, and Marshall was left with 3. Word is that Nash will be eased back into his playing role, sitting out back-to-back games until he is fully ready to go, but after last night’s performance (Marshall only getting 21 mins.), it’s no wonder why his ownership has already dropped 11.5%, one game into Nash’s return.

Kendall Marshall was a stud for me, but I just don’t see him getting any better of a run in the near future. Hell Blake played a whole half with a ruptured eardrum, so you know he has the will and desire to be a starter again. over the last month, Marshall averaged 11 points and 10 assists and 3 rebounds. It was fun while it lasted, but for now, I’ve gotta pass on Marshall and move on to another project player: J.R. Smith.


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