FBB Week 16 Review

fbb wk 16The NBA All-Star break made week 16 a two-week event, and taking on one of the best teams in our league, I viewed this match up as a great litmus test for the playoffs. Right now my team has some real strength, but the key fill-in players I had are back to riding the bench, like Chris Kaman, so I dropped a few and added the likes of Gerald Green, Markieff Morris, and Raymond Felton. We had 14 match up acquisitions for the All-Star break, an I had to use all of them to barely squeak by with a victory over Team Irvin, 1207-1195.

Last night, when I desperately needed some points to grab a victory, I got them. Going into the night, I was only down 8 points, but after watching Irvin’s team rack up three 30 point plus performances, I got a little worried. Kevin love and Rudy Gay helped salvage my night, though, and I came away with the victory.

fbb wk 16-2As it stands right now, I can still make it into the playoffs with wins the next three weeks and key losses to other teams. So fingers crossed.

fbb wk 16-3One of the other aspects that has affected my fantasy basketball team this year has been all of the trades. I now have two Cleveland Cavaliers players in Spencers Hawes and Luol Deng, who were traded from the  Sixers and Bulls respectively. Both have actually fared very well in Cleveland, probably because they are the only good players on the team, but with Varejao on the mend, they could actually be a solid team in the near future So far, both traded players have been able to produce like normal. Another player I had traded was Rudy Gay, who just posted 32 pts. and 11 boards in a win over the Nuggets. Right now, all systems are go. I’ve made it through a tough run with a W and two losses and still control my own destiny.

As for my thoughts on the dunk contest: meh.


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