FBB 2013-14 season Recap

week 19 score

Yours truly posted the highest score this week, en route to my eleventh victory this season, which tied me up with two other competitors for the fourth and final playoff spot. Yes, I was able to make it a three-game sweep of my girlfriend’s team, but apparently that doesn’t go into play in a tiebreaker based off of head-to-head record.

fbb final standings

As you can see, I had way more points than fifth place and beat the fourth place team, my girlfriend, all three times I played her, but I still somehow got locked out of the playoffs. Honestly, I have no idea how they decided this, since the rule of tiebreaker by H2H record seems to have not actually mattered. I think they just gave it to my girlfriend based on points and then settled our position based on record? I really have no clue. BUT the team I picked for my girlfriend is advancing to the playoffs, so at least that’s encouraging.

I did pick up two key pieces of wisdom from barely missing the playoffs in both football and basketball this year, though. Every point counts, and you should never leave an opportunity for points on the table. In FBB this means that I was the leader in roster moves, but also fourth in points for. Second, all of fantasy sports is no different than playing the lotto. The only difference would be that you can study and analyze human being football players a lot more than you can lotto numbers. But in reality, the odds are just the same. In every league, there will be someone who friggin’ sucks and is an easy W for anyone playing them. Consequently, the teams in those divisions will have better records than the teams in the division where participants actually participate, and records usually end up right around .500.

Check it out. In my girlfriend’s division (West), where two teams tanked the whole year, half the division is terrible and half is amazing, accounting for three out of the top four highest scoring teams for the year. Now, glance at the East division, where myself and everyone else battled it out and most ended up right around the .500 mark. What does this mean if you’re a commissioner or player? Well, having an entire league amped for 20 straight weeks is tough. Changing your rosters everyday is tough. So, with fantasy basketball, I have come to the conclusion that there will always be teams who disappear, maybe to reemerge later. This I think is the singular most important problem with fantasy sports. Not having all of the teams playing to their full potential weakens one division and strengthens another. This seems to happen less in football, since it only lasts about half as long as basketball.

But landing in a division with lazies or a division with crazies is all just chance. Furthermore, I made as many roster moves as possible this year, and my girlfriend made none, and we still ended up with the same record. If this doesn’t demonstrate what a crapshoot this is, I don’t know what will. At first, when I got into fantasy sports, I truly believed that since I had a long history of being a multisport athlete and somewhat intelligent, that I would dominate this game. I can do long math problems in my head, and I can pick out great receiver talent based upon size and team philosophy. But nothing prepared me for the brutal truth that anyone can be great at fantasy sports, because it’s all just Las Vegas odds. What are the odds the Chargers don’t have a stud RB? What are the chances Gronk gets hurt? What are the chances Russell Wilson has a breakout career year?

Each season comes with new questions to be answered, and with each season, I’ve come to realize that betting on the athletic performances of humans over the course of three or more months is damn near impossible.


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