Literally Literate FFL Preseason Ranks


I’ve been hard at work putting together preseason ranks for the Literally Literate FFL. See who’s the odds on favorite to make the playoffs, based off of our draft results.

Using the Football Guys “Rate My Team” feature, I’ve put together a list of the percentage chances of each team in our league making the playoffs, based on the ranks of David Dodds. If you’d like to rate your own team, visit and check out their tools section. When you put your lineup in, you receive three or four different ratings and can add more teams with the same league settings. Our list is based upon average inseason management. For a full break down of each team, click on the team name to view the full rating, including projections, schedules, strengths, weaknesses, and possible waiver wire pickups and add/drop comparisons.

Here’s the Literally Literate 2014 Preseason Ranks:

Team Chance of Making Playoffs

1. Megatron & Crawptimus Prime 58

2. Team Reese 53

3. Trophy Wife 49

4. Rafi Bomb 45

5. Blair Walsh Project 41

6. Knile You Were Sleeping  38

6. Ertz Donut 38

8. I Pitta the Fool 37

9. Spacin’ Vaders 14

10. Fellowship of Samwise 13





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