Week 1 Recap/Week 2 Preview

2014 week 1So my other writing priorities have limited my blogging availability, so today I’m doing a week 1 review and week 2 preview, along with power rankings for each team in the league.

Week 1 wasn’t the hot start to the season I had hoped for. Brees was my top points getter at 15, and no one else in my starting lineup even so much as sniffed a ten-point game.

week 1 roster

I find, however, that the more and more I play fantasy, the more comfortable I become with the fact that all of these numbers are strictly chance. Certainly I had a bad week, but I think the numbers will bear themselves out over the course of the season. I have confidence in my team, and before, where I may have emptied my bench and rearranged my whole lineup, now I just dropped a couple of my last two picks for more interesting fliers and a backup TE. But nonetheless, this week’s performance earned me the last spot in our league’s standings:

week 1 standings

Putting our numbers into the Oberon Mt. FFL formula, gives us this week’s power rating:

week 1 power rankings photo

And here’s a look at the matchups for Week 2:

week 2 matchups


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