Week 8 Recap

Week 8 scores

Week 8 produced an abundance of fantasy goodness for a lot of teams in our league. this is the first time since week 17 of the 2011 fantasy football season that 6 or more players scored at least 30 fantasy points. This week only one team scored below 89 points, and Megatron and Crawptimus Prime blew everyone out of the water with a 182 point game!

That’s right! Check out this lineup from the week 8 matchup of Crawptimus Prime and Ertz, Donut?:

Week 8 blowout

Crawptimus received Eddie Lacy, Gronk, and Maclin through trades and was able to piece together the perfect lineup. The East division in our league is just killing it right now. I’m second in the West division and sixth overall. With such a small league, there are going to be rally great teams throughout, and the competition has been pretty stiff this tear. We’ve already seen both a 27 point performance as well as a 182 point showing, but for the most part the scoring has been quite high every week. Here’s how the standings shake out right now:

Week 8 standingsObviously losing Adrien Peterson to stupididty and losing Zac Stacy to…well lack of playing time has really made me scramble. Luckily I picked up Denard Robinson last week, along with Doug Baldwin, and hopefully they will be able to be consistent starters for me. here’s where my lineup is at right now (SPOILER ALERT: it’s a friggin’ mess!):

Week 9 lineup

I’ve been able to hang tough, though, and there’s still plenty of fantasy season left. I put in the latest data from the week’s games, and have some handy projections ready for week 9 of the fantasy football season:

Week 9 power rankings

Week 9 Power Rankings

1) Megatron and Crawptimus Prime 146

2) The Blair Walsh Project 140

3) Knile You Were Sleeping 134

4) Trophy Wife 123

5) Team Reese 110

6) I Pitta the Fool 108

7) Ertz, Donut 105

8) The Fellowship of Samwise 95

9) Rafi Bomb! 86

10) Overreaction Guy 78



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