Free Agent Frenzy 2015


I’ve been taking a break from the fantasy blogging to work on my fist fiction work as a writer (Don’t worry, I’m in first place in my fantasy basketball league), but the recent trade action in the NFL has been such juicy goodness lately that I had to feature it.

Monday marked the first day of the 2015 NFL seasonal year, which meant that all of the trade rumors could become official, and unlike many years where nothing really major happens, this year has featured some huge names moving. Below is a list of all of the notable moves so far. Note: this is just a list of players who have switched teams. If you want a complete and up-to-date list, including players who have resigned with their current teams, visit Rotoworld.

Notable Moves:

Sam Bradford QB—Philadelphia Eagles

Nick Foles QB—St. Louis Rams

Brian Hoyer QB—Houston Texans

Jake Locker QB—Retired


LeSean McCoy RB—Buffalo Bills

Frank Gore RB—Indianapolis Colts

Roy Helu RB—Oakland Raiders

Shane Vereen RB—New York Jets

Maurice Jones-Drew RB—Retired


Brandon Marshall WR—New York Jets

Torrey Smith WR—San Francisco 49ers

Jeremy Maclin WR—Kansas City Chiefs

Brian Hartline WR—Cleveland Browns

Harry Douglas WR—Tennessee Titans


Jimmy Graham TE—Seattle Seahawks

Julius Thomas TE—Jacksonville Jaguars

Owen Daniels TE—Denver Broncos


Darrelle Revis CB—Indianapolis Colts

Ndamukong Suh DL—Miami Dolphins

A.J. Hawk LB—Cincinnati Bengals


Notable Free Agents:

Michael Vick QB

Christian Ponder QB

Colt McCoy QB

DeMarco Murray RB

C.J. Spiller RB

Stevan Ridley RB

Justin Forsett RB

Reggie Bush RB

Ahmad Bradshaw RB

Andre Johnson WR

Percy Harvin WR

Stevie Johnson (My Arch Nemesis) WR

Michael Crabtree WR

Reggie Wayne WR

Jarrett Boykin WR

Jordan Cameron TE

Jermaine Gresham TE



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