On the Rise: Amar’e, Bass, and Burks

pickupThis week’s feature comes a day early, mainly because I can’t contain my excitement over these pickups.

Amar’e Stoudemire:


I swooped him up last night after seeing him play his first back-to-back games this season in splendid fashion. Of course there’s concerns he might violently thrash himself against substantially impenetrable objects and bleed out profusely at any given moment, but aside from that he seems like a safe bet. He’s been solid lately, and if he keeps his scoring and rebounding numbers up, you could see him average 20 fantasy points per game. He looks like the real deal, people! He’s the shining beacon of hope on a sinking ship. Remember how he, Carmelo, and J.R. Smith were supposed to be New York’s BIG THREE? Probably not, because they have sucked so damn hard lately. But the dude can get you points and is only owned in 16.8% of leagues.

Next up is a guy I’ve had for a while, but whom people are just now coming around to.

Brandon Bass:


Dude’s been killin’ it ever since Kelly Olynyk got hurt, and he is averaging better in every category, so I see no reason why his role should change when Olynyk gets healthy once again. Here’s his fantasy point totals over the last two weeks: 21; 19; 22; 24; 12; 20; 27; 24; 19; and 30. He has at least 8 boards in eight of those outings and three double-doubles in that span. I’m not sure I could provide you with any other major incentives. Oh wait, I can. Last night, his best fantasy game yet, he scored 30 fantasy points on 17 points and 12 boards, his second double-double in a row. He’s only owned in 49% of leagues, and you’d be crazy not to add him.

Last but not least.

Alec Burks:


The Jazz are pretty terrible right now, but the third-year guard may have finally hit his stride, averaging 49% shooting form the field. A bit of a longshot here, but I have a butt ton of forwards and was in need of a good guard since I let Gerald Henderson go for Kosta Koufos. His last three games have seen him go 16; 18; and 18 in fantasy points, and he is finally demonstrating some stability in his scoring. He doesn’t do much else, but guards seem to be really scarce right now, and he’s only owned in 27.8% of ESPN standard leagues.


On the Rise: Gibson and Koufos


For this week’s segment, we take a look at my two most recent adds, who should be snatched up quickly!

Injuries have helped these two out, with each man stepping up and producing solid numbers recently, taking advantage of added playing time.

i (2)

First up is Taj Gibson, who is quickly turning into Carlos Boozer. Gibson has been a real force ever since Derrick Rose went out, and he is quickly showing up Boozer in the stat sheet. In the last four games, he’s averaged at least 18 points and 4 boards. He could definitely increase his rebounding production with more minutes, but the points seem to be constant for him. In a system where getting 20 or more fantasy points per game is ideal, Gibson is a serious threat, even reaching 42 fantasy points with a double-double line. Currently owned in 29.2 % of ESPN standard leagues, you better grab him while you can!

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Next up is Kosta Koufos, who has been filling in for Marc Gasol. In his last five games, he’s had four with at least 10 boards. The other game, he had 9. The guy is a double-double machine when he can find the hole down low, and Gasol’s injury looks to keep him out for quite a while. Even when Gasol returns, I could see the team leaning on Koufos to spell Gasol quite a bit, until Marc gets back into the groove of things. Owned in only 44.5 % of leagues, he’s probably available in yours and will no doubt help you out.

On the Rise: Blatche, Hill, and Anderson

Partner-PhotoThey may sound like a cheesy law firm partnership, but Blatche, Hill, and Anderson are actually my three latest pickups.

Ryan Anderson


He’s already owned in 100% of ESPN standard leagues, but only after a 16% jump this last week. He made his first appearance for the New Orleans Pelicans and knocked out 21 fantasy points, to then drop 22 the next game. He hits three’s like a madman, and I’m happy to finally make up for J.R. Smith, who I quickly dropped for Anderson.

Jordan Hill


Hill is averaging 32 fantasy points per game the last four outings, behind three double-doubles, finishing with at least 18 points in each of those contests. Let’s face it, the Lakers suck…real hard. And Chris Kaman is pretty much a bump on a log. Hill got 36 minuets last game, though he’s still not technically a starter. I think that’ll be changing, seeing as how D’antoni has been giving young guys like Xavier Henry and Steve Blake a run at playing time as of late, with all the old fogies nursing old-man injuries. Jordan Hill, still available in in about 12% of leagues, after seeing a 67% increase this week.

Andray Blatche


When he’s not getting arrested, Blatche has a tendency to be a good player. This one is the furthest stretch by far, as he is only owned in 1.7% of leagues. He’s been paying well, since all of the Nets are hurt right now. But he has a criminal for a coach in Jason Kidd, so maybe he can convince him for more playing time over some drugs and hookers.

On the Rise: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist


For this week’s edition, my latest add off the wire has us traveling to NC. The Bobcats have basically always sucked, but hey Michael Kidd Gilchrist!!


Of course I’m right. If you’ve been following along, my waiver wire adds have been pretty good so far. Spencer Hawes is currently ranked no. 6 overall in fantasy. Miles Plumlee had a tiny slump, but is back strong, scoring better than 20 fantasy points in his last two outings, and sitting at No. 33 overall in the rankings. Lance Stephenson has had a couple bad games too, but continues to score and hit threes, and I believe he’ll be back to normal real soon.

This week’s edition features a SF from Charlotte, who has averaged 22 fantasy points through his last three games. I would like to see him get more minutes, as he’s only logging 29 per right now, but given how effective he’s been scoring, as well as rebounds and blocks, I think we could see an increase in his minutes. As we speak, he is only owned in 33.8% of leagues right now, and I think that’ll be changing shortly.

On the Rise: Spencer Hawes

Spencer Hawes, currently available in 44% of ESPN leagues.

Spencer Hawes, C-Phi, currently available in 44% of ESPN leagues.

Each week I’m going to highlight a player, who should definitely be picked up in your standard 10-team league. This week I found a gem in this center for the Sixers, Spencer Hawes. Last year, he had one of his best offensive performances to date, averaging 11 pts. and 7 boards in 27 mins. The one stat that really grabbed me, however, is that he had a career high 19 double-doubles, in only 40 games started. Yup, when he gets the start, he has a 50/50 shot of earning extra points with a double-double, a stat that increased by over 100% from the 2011-12 season. The last time he even got close to 19 double-doubles? The 2008-09 season, when he averaged 11.4 pts and 7.4 boards.

With this in mind, added to the fact that his number of starts also doubled from the 2011-12 season, he is poised to absolutely go bananas this year! Just look at how strong he finished last year:

hawesFor the last ten weeks, he was a beast, and I don’t see any evidence that that should change. Rookie Nerlens Noel is being hampered by an injury, and Hawes has been given the reigns in the paint. If he’s available in your league, consider yourself lucky. Most have him going in the middle rounds, so I felt pretty lucky picking him up. You should too!

hawes hairOh, and he’s also up for the hair of the year award. ADD HIM!!