Where Have All the QB’s Gone?

sad brees

I’m currrently 2-0 in my I-actually-know-these-people-in-real-life league and 1-1 in my I-have-no-clue-who-any-of-these-people-are-except-for-one-guy-who-invited-me-to-join-to-fill-the-last-remaining-spot league. But the bigger story this week is what to do if your QB is working out so far.

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Wes Welker Suspended Four Games for Amphetamine Use

Wes Welker Kentucky DerbThe NFL announced yesterday that they had upheld a suspension against Denver Broncos’ slot receiver Wes Welker for violating the league’s performance enhancing substances policy. Rumor is that he unknowingly ingested amphetamines while taking molly (MDMA) at the Kentucky Derby. Welker will have to sit out the first four games of this season, after his handlers appealed the decision, and the case went to review. Continue reading

Tuesday Morning Relief: Wednesday Morning Edition: Thursday Night Preview


See what I did with that title, there?

Straight comedic genius.

Sometimes you have to wait a day for a punchline.

The NFL season opens up tomorrow night, with the Broncos and defending champeens Ravens squaring off. Ever since the institution of the Thursday night game, fantasy owners have been thoroughly screwed, trying to pick and pop on players a few days earlier than they’d like to. So, if you have a player in tomorrow’s game, make sure and either stick them in your lineup or bench them:

raven roster

bronco roster

Football is coming! Football is coming!

Last night’s Hall of Fame game officially kicked off the NFL preseason. And just in time. I was beginning to grow tired of having healthy hobbies and spending time with loved ones. The real season starts in exactly one month, when the defending champion Ravens visit the Broncos, and if you haven’t joined a fantasy football league yet, you need to hurry!

I just joined a league that I will be covering throughout the season, offering match up analyses, draft and trade deadline coverage, as well as the latest news and updates from around the league.

This year, The Reality of Fantasy Sports will feature an ESPN fantasy league comprised of some gifted bloggers and die hard fantasy freaks! We’re going to strive to give you some of the best and most honest points of view, from a multitude of perspectives. I’ll be featuring guest blogs from the other players as well as weekly articles, chronicling the ups and downs of fake athleticism.

I got last place in this league last year, but this year’s gonna be totally different.

Like, second to last…

And here’s the best part. You could be in the league too!

Enter now for your chance to claim the last remaining spot in the Literally Literate writers league and compete against some of the best around! Think you’re the best at fantasy…

Prove it.