March Madness Brackets 2015



March Madness is finally here, and every year I fill out approximately a bajillion brackets, in hopes of doing the impossible and getting one correct. This year, I decided to cover all my bases, so I did each bracket with a particular theme: Crazy Upsets, Top Seeds, Coin Flip, Mascot v Mascot, etc. Hopefully this will increase my odds of having the perfect bracket!

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Fantasy Made Official

FSWA_logoThe fantasy basketball season wrapped up this week, and house favorite Redheaded Clergymen pulled out the W. My girlfriend managed to get third, so that’s also a small victory. She didn’t make any real moves during the season, so it’s interesting to me that her and I had completely different strategies, but both teams still did well. I guess I might start trusting my gut more and letting players ride. Continue reading

FBB 2013-14 season Recap

week 19 score

Yours truly posted the highest score this week, en route to my eleventh victory this season, which tied me up with two other competitors for the fourth and final playoff spot. Yes, I was able to make it a three-game sweep of my girlfriend’s team, but apparently that doesn’t go into play in a tiebreaker based off of head-to-head record. Continue reading