Week 1 Recap/Week 2 Preview

2014 week 1So my other writing priorities have limited my blogging availability, so today I’m doing a week 1 review and week 2 preview, along with power rankings for each team in the league. Continue reading


Tuesday Morning Relief: Let’s Go Streaking!

originalPhase one of my balls out quest to go on a winning streak is coming to fruition. With 8 weeks left in the fantasy basketball season, if I can keep the streak alive, I’ve got more than a fighting chance! Right now I sit at 6-5 after wining 4 straight match ups. This section of the schedule is brutal, though, but I did beat one of the top dogs last week, just barely.

bball week 11I’ve tossed a lot of talent out in the last week or two, including Jimmy Butler, Carlos Boozer, and Ryan Anderson. But now I have a couple spots to play with, and I’ve been fluidly filling and replacing them for added games during the week. Plus, this has allowed me to key on players who are hot at the moment, including Darren Collison, Randy Foye, and Kendall Marshall.

This week I’m playing a good friend, and although I really like him, I definitely want to avenge myself of the curse of DeAndre Jordan, who he swooped up after I dropped him for Spencer Hawes before the season started. After one day, I’m up a bit, but I’ve definitely gotta be on my game the next month or so if I aim to make the playoffs.

bball week 11 score

Tuesday Morning Relief: A Tie in My Playoff Matchup

ugly-tie-contest-sideI got my first tie in fantasy football in the consolation ladder. We ended up knotted at 206. Luckily I had more overall points, I got to advance to play The Blair Walsh Project, who finished up in the 8 spot and beat Dez Dispenser with the help of Justin Tucker. Here’s a glimpse at the other scores:

wk 15 resultsIn the winner’s bracket, both favorites Cuusin Vinny’s Escort Services and [Br]eaking [Br]adshaw won out and will advance to the championship:

wk 16 champRight now, the computers and scary robots have the slight edge on the side of Cousin Vinny, but either way, it should be a really exciting game! these two have led the pack the whole way this season, and it’s great to finally see them duke it out for The Belt. They’ve met once before during the season, with [Br]eaking [Br]adshaw winning outright with a score of 98-87, on the backs of Jamaal Charles and Knowshon Moreno. Charles just had one of the greatest games in fantasy football history, and with the Chiefs in a hotly contested race for the playoffs, he could be the key to victory for [Br]eaking [Br]adshaw. However, if Cousin Vinny can get a healthy Adrian Peterson, anything is possible. Here’s their last match up in week 6:

champ matchupVote below for who you think will win this time!!

Tuesday Morning Relief: The End Game


Hi, I’m Tyler, and I’m currently in the playoffs.

Okay, that’s not me (In my opinion, I’m definitely more attractive), but like this Mr. Stock Photo Guy, I’m beaming with confidence.

I still need to hold strong with three games left in the fantasy football regular season, but things are definitely looking up. Here’s the results from the Literally Literate FFL week 10 games:

wk 10 results

And here’s a peaksie at the current ESPN ranks:

week 11 standings

I was hoping for more points this week, but I’ll take what I can get. The next two weeks have me pitted against the first and second ranked teams, so it’s make or break time right now. If Zac Stacy wasn’t on bye, I’d be filling more confident going into this next match up. I may have to make some moves. Here’s my lineup currently:

wk 11 lineup

Tuesday Morning Relief: Still in the Hunt


Another week in the books, and we’re one step closer to the playoffs. At 5-4 I’m still in the hunt.

wk 9 results

I had a decent game, but I really got saved by Luck, Stacy, and Allen. The byes and injuries really gave me a down lineup. Currently I’m ranked fifth, just out of the playoff picture, but I have the same record as third and fourth place. I’m just missing out based on my points for total, which is still relatively close.

wk 9 standings

With four weeks left, I’ve really got to rack up points and wins. 7-6 may make it to the playoffs, but I’d like to sittin’ a little prettier than that! My lineup is finally coming together full strength, and despite losing my RB2, RB3, and WR2, I’m expecting my biggest week yet.

my line

Zac Stacy has proven to be a beast, and him and Gore are two of the top scoring backs right now. Keenan Allen resurfaced this week, and I’m expecting big things from him as well. Luck is hanging steady, although I may try and grab a backup this week just for insurance purposes. Thomas &Thomas should do what they always do, barring a setback from J.Thomas’ injury.

All in all, I’ve still got a shot.

*Fingers Crossed*