FBB Week 17 Recap

Fbb wk 17 resultsI was able to hang on in this week’s match up, and if I can keep this train a rollin’, I might just make the playoffs. I made some great pickups in Gerald Green and Markieff Morris from the Suns, and they both ended up getting me 69 fantasy points for the match. Continue reading

Good-bye, Kendall Marshall: The Return of the Steve Squad

i (5)Well, it was good while it lasted. I ended up dropping Kendall Marshall for J.R. Smith last night. It looks as if the returns of Steve Nash, Steve Blake, and the impending return of Jordan Farmar have spelled devastation for a fantasy baller, who had been tearing it up all the way until last night, when the regular starters returned to action for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Kobe Bryant seems to still be a ways off from his return, but the comebacks of the Steve Squad, Nash and Blake, reduced Marshall’s usually great numbers to mediocre at best. The game before, Marshall had a double-double with 10 points and 12 assists. All the assists got eaten up last night, though, as Blake and Nash combined for 15, and Marshall was left with 3. Word is that Nash will be eased back into his playing role, sitting out back-to-back games until he is fully ready to go, but after last night’s performance (Marshall only getting 21 mins.), it’s no wonder why his ownership has already dropped 11.5%, one game into Nash’s return.

Kendall Marshall was a stud for me, but I just don’t see him getting any better of a run in the near future. Hell Blake played a whole half with a ruptured eardrum, so you know he has the will and desire to be a starter again. over the last month, Marshall averaged 11 points and 10 assists and 3 rebounds. It was fun while it lasted, but for now, I’ve gotta pass on Marshall and move on to another project player: J.R. Smith.

On the Rise: Markieff Morris

markIf you haven’t heard, my boy Markieff has been goin’ off lately.

I picked him up about a week ago, and since then, he has scored 20; 11; 37; and 25 fantasy points in his last four games. Apparently the guy is kind of a dick, but after getting a talking to and finally receiving the confidence of his coaching staff, he has been straight money from the field, totaling at least fifteen points in 5 of his last 7 games. Now, the boards are not always there, but he has been known to drop a double-double about every four games.

Still, his production has been off the charts as of late, and he’s still only owned in 57% of ESPN leagues, after a 29% increase this last week. He still only averages 26 min. per game, coming off the bench, but history has shown that when he gets 30 min. he usually grabs a double-double. And in all of the games where he plays 30 min. he has scored in double figures.

So here’s to hoping that his streak of consistency continues, and he logs more PT. But for now, he should make for a solid add in any league.

On the Rise: Randy Foye

i (1)

So I’m playing the best dude in our league this week, and I need all the help I can get. Down 26 points, I picked up Randy Foye yesterday, and you wouldn’t believe what happened. I pulled to within one point, when Foye went for 25 fantasy points.

I picked him up because he has demonstrated a real knack for the three ball lately, and the Nuggets seem content with giving him all the playing time he can handle. He’s scored at least 17 fantasy points in six out of his last seven games, and it looks like they’re gonna leave him in there to chuck it up!

Wanna know what’s even crazier?! He’s available in 95% of leagues! Why? I’m not exactly sure. Look, Kenneth Faried has fizzled out this year, and Corey Brewer ain’t nothin’. Ty Lawson and Nate Robinson are okay, but nothing special, so realistically, Foye brings talent and a spark that is desperately needed in Denver. Quit messin’ around and GRAB HIM!

He saved me last night, and he can help salvage your squad as well. Gems like this are getting harder and harder to come across.

On the Rise: Gerald Green

gerBit of a longshot on this one, but I have a roster spot to burn and he’s had a hot hand as of late beyond the arc. In the last three games for the Phoenix Suns, he’s gotten at least 19 points. And if he can keep that up, then look out! He hasn’t demonstrated much consistency yet this year, but you never know when players are going to go off.

He’s like a Nick Young scorer with a better shooting percentage. He’s only owned in 40% of ESPN standard leagues and could help you out in a squeeze.

matchupI’m currently down in my match up, and thanks to the Christmas scheduling, I haven’t tallied very many points at all this week. I hope he goes off tonight, cuz Daddy needs some fantasy points! Here’s a peak at the scores so far this week. The ladies in the league continue to dominate the dudes:


On the Rise: Amar’e, Bass, and Burks

pickupThis week’s feature comes a day early, mainly because I can’t contain my excitement over these pickups.

Amar’e Stoudemire:


I swooped him up last night after seeing him play his first back-to-back games this season in splendid fashion. Of course there’s concerns he might violently thrash himself against substantially impenetrable objects and bleed out profusely at any given moment, but aside from that he seems like a safe bet. He’s been solid lately, and if he keeps his scoring and rebounding numbers up, you could see him average 20 fantasy points per game. He looks like the real deal, people! He’s the shining beacon of hope on a sinking ship. Remember how he, Carmelo, and J.R. Smith were supposed to be New York’s BIG THREE? Probably not, because they have sucked so damn hard lately. But the dude can get you points and is only owned in 16.8% of leagues.

Next up is a guy I’ve had for a while, but whom people are just now coming around to.

Brandon Bass:


Dude’s been killin’ it ever since Kelly Olynyk got hurt, and he is averaging better in every category, so I see no reason why his role should change when Olynyk gets healthy once again. Here’s his fantasy point totals over the last two weeks: 21; 19; 22; 24; 12; 20; 27; 24; 19; and 30. He has at least 8 boards in eight of those outings and three double-doubles in that span. I’m not sure I could provide you with any other major incentives. Oh wait, I can. Last night, his best fantasy game yet, he scored 30 fantasy points on 17 points and 12 boards, his second double-double in a row. He’s only owned in 49% of leagues, and you’d be crazy not to add him.

Last but not least.

Alec Burks:


The Jazz are pretty terrible right now, but the third-year guard may have finally hit his stride, averaging 49% shooting form the field. A bit of a longshot here, but I have a butt ton of forwards and was in need of a good guard since I let Gerald Henderson go for Kosta Koufos. His last three games have seen him go 16; 18; and 18 in fantasy points, and he is finally demonstrating some stability in his scoring. He doesn’t do much else, but guards seem to be really scarce right now, and he’s only owned in 27.8% of ESPN standard leagues.