March Madness Brackets 2015



March Madness is finally here, and every year I fill out approximately a bajillion brackets, in hopes of doing the impossible and getting one correct. This year, I decided to cover all my bases, so I did each bracket with a particular theme: Crazy Upsets, Top Seeds, Coin Flip, Mascot v Mascot, etc. Hopefully this will increase my odds of having the perfect bracket!

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2014 Literally Literate FFL Draft Recap


You may not have drafted your squad yet, but the Literally Literate League has, and I have all the results, so you can get a feel for how the draft is shaking out in ten-team standard leagues. Just like the last two years, the Literally Literate league is playing an ESPN head-to-head matchup season. The divisions are the same this year as last year, with all the same teams. 

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