Where Have All the QB’s Gone?

sad brees

I’m currrently 2-0 in my I-actually-know-these-people-in-real-life league and 1-1 in my I-have-no-clue-who-any-of-these-people-are-except-for-one-guy-who-invited-me-to-join-to-fill-the-last-remaining-spot league. But the bigger story this week is what to do if your QB is working out so far.

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Week 10 Literally Literate FFL Preview

g11_vs_vikingsWeek 10 action has the Vikes and Skins facing off in your Thursday game. Besides AD, I wouldn’t expect mush (typo–[much]–but in retrospect, “mush” is exactly what you can expect)  from the Vikes.

Here’s a look at the match ups this week in the Literally Literate FFL:

4) I Pitta the Fool vs 9) Team Reese

4) I Pitta the Fool vs 9) Team Reese

Should be a good game for me, but you know how that kind of thinking goes. Fully expecting the rest of my team to go out on injuries…

5) Trophy Wife vs 2) Cousin Vinny

5) Trophy Wife vs 2) Cousin Vinny

Real grudge match here! I need Trophy Wife to lose sooo bad! Or if Cousin Vinny starts tanking, that could work too, since I play them later on.

6) Dez Dispenser vs 10) Don't Call Me Rodney

6) Dez Dispenser vs 8) Don’t Call Me Rodney

Dez Dispenser has been a tough opponent as of late, and hopefully won’t continue to climb up the ranks. I’d like to see them go down as well.

10) Crawrsenal FC vs 3) Spacin' Vaders

10) Crawrsenal FC vs 3) Spacin’ Vaders

Really rootin’ for Crawrsenal here. Spacin’ Vaders is really strong, and I need a loss from them, since they have me beat on points.

1) [Br]eaking [Br]adshaw vs 7) The Blair Walsh Project

1) [Br]eaking [Br]adshaw vs 7) The Blair Walsh Project

Rootin’ for the underdog here, too! Yeah, I know, I want everyone above me to lose…it’s getting really real right now, ya’ll!

Notable Preseason Injuries


Atlanta Falcons:

Roddy White/Julio Jones. These two receivers have drawn a lot of hype in fantasy recently. It’s hard to tell who the star is, but with one going down, it could present a huge opportunity for the other to shine. Right now, Jones is battling a hammie, but seems poised to be able to play. White has a sprained ankle and will miss the rest of the preseason, in order to get some rest.

Baltimore Ravens:

Torrey Smith returned to action after an unspecified injury while Dennis Pitta will have to sit the season out with a gimp hip. Ed Dickson is listed as Pitta’s backup, but I could see Vishanthe Shiancoe getting some PT in his absence.

Buffalo Bills:

Stevie Johnson is being rehabbed for a tight hamstring, but continues to get work on the sidelines. This is a smart move, since the Bills literally have no other receivers. He should be okay for the season though. Rookie QB EJ Manuel is set to have a minor procedure on his knee, which briefly creates a window for Kevin Kolb to start, but with great running skills, many think Manuel could have a breakout season once he gets healthy. TE Scott Chandler is being eased back into play after ACL surgery and could be a nice sleeper pick for league’s lacking in the TE department.

Cincinnati Bengals:

A.J. Green is still listed as probable, although he says he is completely healed from his recent knee bruise. He looks okay to go, and the team is just being cautious with their prized receiver.

Denver Broncos:

Wes Welker is going through an ankle sprain right now, and though no timetable has been given, it doesn’t look to be severe. Ankle sprains can take 1-2 weeks to heal normally, so look for some added production out of Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker in his absence.

Detroit Lions:

Calvin Johnson is returning to practice after suffering a knee contusion and should be able to go in week 1.

Green Bay Packers:

Look for James Jones to be a key cog in the offense while Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb continue to sit out in the early going this season. So far, there’s no timetable on their returns.

Houston Texans:

Arian Foster continues to worry fantasy owners with his injuries this preseason. His back and legs keep giving him the fits, and he is quickly dropping in ADP. WR DeAndre Hopkins is also out with a concussion and will soon undergo tests.

Indianapolis Colts:

Ahmad Bradshaw sat out yesterday’s game with a foot injury, and although it doesn’t sound too serious, with him missing so much time in the recent years for similar injuries, it is cause for concern. He is taking reps in practice, though, which shows they might just be taking it easy on him till the season starts.

Jacksonville Jaguars:

MJD looked healthy for the Jags, though Cecil Shorts is still sitting out with a calf injury. Shorts not being available could wreck the already diminished Jags offense in the early going with Blackmon suspended for the first 4 games.

Kansas City Chiefs:

Jamaal Charles is back to practice after a foot injury. Good news for owners who were counting on him to return to form this year. The team will likely let him take his time returning to action.

Miami Dolphins:

TE Dustin Keller tore basically every ligament in his knee while simultaneously dislocating it, which means he’s done for the season. A tough blow to any of his owners, although there are still mediocre TE’s to still grab off the wire.

New England Patriots:

Tom Brady returned to action after a brief injury scare in practice, what most are calling a shin bruise. The Gronk continues to have Gronk-itis, while backup Zach Sudfeld stepped into the starting TE spot to rack up some nice catches and a TD.

New York Giants:

Victor Cruz came up gimp with what the team is calling a heel bruise. Doesn’t sound too serious, and x-rays were negative, but this could definitely affect his salsa dancing.

New York Jets:

Geno Smith appears to be healthy and is poised to get some more PT in the preseason. Many see him surpassing Sanchez for the starting role this year, but given Rex Ryan’s love for The Dirty Sanchez, who honestly knows?

Oakland Raiders:

Darren McFadden was held out of practice with a shoulder injury. This small injuries have often lead to big absences for him in the past, so be sure to keep an eye on his situation if you own him.

Philadelphia Eagles:

Bryce Brown returned to practice, and he should be okay to open up the season in an offense that many feel will cater to his play.

Pittsburgh Steelers:

Heath Miller is expected to miss the first month of the season due to knee surgery, but keep an eye on him for the second half, since he proved his worth last year in the Steelers offense.

San Diego Chargers:

Horrible news for the Chargers, as just about every offensive weapon they have is injured. Danario Alexander is out for the season, Malcolm Floyd has a serious knee injury, Eddie Royal has a concussion, and Danny Woodhead has an unspecified injury. All this means they’ll be leaning more and more on Ryan Mathews to produce at RB, a feat he has never really accomplished, thanks to…you guessed it, injuries.

San Francisco 49ers:

With Michael Crabtree out till about November with a torn Achilles, many were looking to Mario Manningham to step up. However, he too will need time to recover from knee surgery.

Seattle Seahawks:

There’s still no timeline on Percy Harvin’s return to the team after hip surgery. The guy has tremendous upside, but keeps getting hurt. He may be back for the second half of the season, but right now, no one knows for sure. The doctor who did the surgery said it went great, but why would he say anything else?

Washington Redskins:

RGIII took snaps in 11-on-11 drills and has made it known that he is mentally ready to return to the team, although the coaches continue to take their time with him.

Top Stories from the NFL’s 2013 OTA’s

Ahh, it’s that time of the year again.

The 2013 NFL season is set to begin on Sept. 5, with the defending champion Ravens traveling to Mile High to take on Peyton Manning and the Broncos. Most teams have been conducting OTA‘s, or organized team activities, for about a month now, and big things have been happening…

Speaking of Peyton and the Broncos, they’ll be looking to utilize the offseason acquisition of Wes Welker, presumably out of the slot. Manning surpassed his career QB rating of 95 by over ten points, averaging 105 last year, his first with the team. With a weapon as deadly as Welker, along with fellow receivers Decker and Thomas–not to mention the addition of pass-catching back Montee Ball–Manning could likely be set to have the season of his career this year. Reports are that Manning is slowly becoming the head and heart of the franchise, much like he did at Indy, running basically every offensive scheme to his liking. The guy’s proven to be a football genius, so expect big, huge, gigantic things from him this season. He may even end up in the same fantasy class as Brees and Rodgers.

The Gronk continues to be a source of frustration and concern for many a Patriots fan. He’s set to go  under the knife yet again for a back injury that sidelined him for a year while he was in college. After a surgery to fix a broken arm and subsequent operations to remove infections, The Gronk is questionable again. This guy either has the worst injury luck, or dances so furiously that he slips disks in his back…hard to tell.

In other injury news, RGIII is making great progress on the road to recovery. So far in OTA’s, though, he hasn’t really showed off much. Griffin, Helu, Fred Davis, and Garcon have been running mini drills together in what Griffin calls “an all-world uncleared [to practice] team.” He’s been cleared medically and is expected to be at the helm on opening day, but there is still that nagging question of how much Shanahan will let him run this year. They’ve said that they have looked at adjusting their schemes, but as usual, Shanahan ain’t sayin’ nothin’. In the meantime, feel free to buy RGIII and his fiance a wedding present through their Bed Bath and Beyond registry.

The saints are trying desperately to recover from being the worst team defense last year. Personally, I’m not sure Rob Ryan can fix this, but hey, it’s worth a shot! From reports, Ryan has the incredibly bumbling defenders chasing at literally every loose ball. Yes, even incomplete passes are being hunted down and recovered. Which begs the question, are the offensive players going after dropped passes? If not, the exercise seems a bit pointless, unless you punish the defenders who don’t recover looseys. Also of note, is the fact that head coach Sean Payton is back, and he apparently wants to pound the run game more. The saints have been practicing with Ingram as a power back. For more info, check out the transcript from the media sesh following their open practice, at the bottom of the previous Rick Gaille link.