FBB Week 16 Review

fbb wk 16The NBA All-Star break made week 16 a two-week event, and taking on one of the best teams in our league, I viewed this match up as a great litmus test for the playoffs. Right now my team has some real strength, but the key fill-in players I had are back to riding the bench, like Chris Kaman, so I dropped a few and added the likes of Gerald Green, Markieff Morris, and Raymond Felton. We had 14 match up acquisitions for the All-Star break, an I had to use all of them to barely squeak by with a victory over Team Irvin, 1207-1195.

Last night, when I desperately needed some points to grab a victory, I got them. Going into the night, I was only down 8 points, but after watching Irvin’s team rack up three 30 point plus performances, I got a little worried. Kevin love and Rudy Gay helped salvage my night, though, and I came away with the victory.

fbb wk 16-2As it stands right now, I can still make it into the playoffs with wins the next three weeks and key losses to other teams. So fingers crossed.

fbb wk 16-3One of the other aspects that has affected my fantasy basketball team this year has been all of the trades. I now have two Cleveland Cavaliers players in Spencers Hawes and Luol Deng, who were traded from the  Sixers and Bulls respectively. Both have actually fared very well in Cleveland, probably because they are the only good players on the team, but with Varejao on the mend, they could actually be a solid team in the near future So far, both traded players have been able to produce like normal. Another player I had traded was Rudy Gay, who just posted 32 pts. and 11 boards in a win over the Nuggets. Right now, all systems are go. I’ve made it through a tough run with a W and two losses and still control my own destiny.

As for my thoughts on the dunk contest: meh.


Tuesday Morning Relief: Let’s Go Streaking!

originalPhase one of my balls out quest to go on a winning streak is coming to fruition. With 8 weeks left in the fantasy basketball season, if I can keep the streak alive, I’ve got more than a fighting chance! Right now I sit at 6-5 after wining 4 straight match ups. This section of the schedule is brutal, though, but I did beat one of the top dogs last week, just barely.

bball week 11I’ve tossed a lot of talent out in the last week or two, including Jimmy Butler, Carlos Boozer, and Ryan Anderson. But now I have a couple spots to play with, and I’ve been fluidly filling and replacing them for added games during the week. Plus, this has allowed me to key on players who are hot at the moment, including Darren Collison, Randy Foye, and Kendall Marshall.

This week I’m playing a good friend, and although I really like him, I definitely want to avenge myself of the curse of DeAndre Jordan, who he swooped up after I dropped him for Spencer Hawes before the season started. After one day, I’m up a bit, but I’ve definitely gotta be on my game the next month or so if I aim to make the playoffs.

bball week 11 score

FBB Week 5 Review: A Fairy Tale of Sorts

redemptionRedemption is oh so sweet. And never is the fruit finer than when you smear your girlfriend in some fantasy sports.

I became a God this weekend.

Being exalted to Grand Supreme Leader of the Worsham Apartment is a daydream I’ve often reveled in, during reminiscent moments of silence, pondering what the law of the land would be like if I, a mere mortal of a boyfriend, could somehow demonstrate to the Council my supreme knowledge and unwavering commitment to the mental battlefield of fantasy sport.

For far too long, Maiden Gwartney hath proposeth that she was indeed the immaculate receptor of the true knowledge of fantasy sport, residing quite humbly at the hand of The Great Matthew Berry. But, alas, by the grace of the ancient Scepter of Lineup Changes, so eloquently bequeathed to me upon the Mount of Shooting Percentages by the Great Matthew Berry himself, I was able to defeat the mighty Maiden Gwartney in a head-to-head battle to decide ultimate rule over the citizenry of all of the Worsham Apartment–us and our cat Rachael.

Not actually us. Just pretend I'm Jesus.

Not actually us. Just pretend I’m Jesus.

Victory did not come easily, as Maiden Gwartney absolutely refused to go down early. With two days of games left to play, Maiden Gwartney regaled thine ears with farces of a fanciful nature, reminding yours truly, after a few sips of a mimosa at no where close to brunch time, how she would ultimately best me in our competition for the eternal love of the fantasy god The Great Matthew Berry.

“Shenanigans!” I would cry, in a desperate attempt to trounce her ill-conceived and quite incendiary notions that she at all stood a chance.  We all know that fortune favors the one with the Scepter of Lineup Changes.

And on the seventh day, I rested as my nine players averaged 21 fantasy points, and the Maiden Gwartney was once again toppled in her bid for apartment supremacy.


bball wk 5 results

FBB Week 4 Review: Not Much Patience Left



Four weeks into the fantasy basketball season, and I’m on a  three-game losing skid. Not exactly how I pictured this season going so far.

I feel like a have a good squad, and had Spencer Hawes not sat out this week, I could’ve pulled out a W. But, alas, it wasn’t meant to be, and I fell once again.

bb wk 4 review


Add to this the fact that I’m playing my girlfriend this week and her team, which has been the top scorer twice already (Spoiler Alert: I drafted for her). But I have learned from her team that I should take it easy with my lineup choices. I’ve tried not to go crazy just yet, but if I lose again, I may have to start clearing the bench and filling the lineup just to get W’s stacked up.

bb week 4 standings


Even with my early season debacle, I’m still sitting in sixth place, so the world hasn’t ended just yet. I can’t really put a thumb on what I’m doing wrong just yet (I have the most points against so far, so that doesn’t help), but hopefully the Law of Averages will come into effect, and I can grab some victories soon. If not, then I’m just gonna give myself up to the Curse of DeAndre Jordan and hope not to get last.

On the Rise: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist


For this week’s edition, my latest add off the wire has us traveling to NC. The Bobcats have basically always sucked, but hey Michael Kidd Gilchrist!!


Of course I’m right. If you’ve been following along, my waiver wire adds have been pretty good so far. Spencer Hawes is currently ranked no. 6 overall in fantasy. Miles Plumlee had a tiny slump, but is back strong, scoring better than 20 fantasy points in his last two outings, and sitting at No. 33 overall in the rankings. Lance Stephenson has had a couple bad games too, but continues to score and hit threes, and I believe he’ll be back to normal real soon.

This week’s edition features a SF from Charlotte, who has averaged 22 fantasy points through his last three games. I would like to see him get more minutes, as he’s only logging 29 per right now, but given how effective he’s been scoring, as well as rebounds and blocks, I think we could see an increase in his minutes. As we speak, he is only owned in 33.8% of leagues right now, and I think that’ll be changing shortly.

FBB Week One Review

espn copies meWeek one’s over with, and since picking up some key players, I’ve just about got my roster the way I want it. I was definitely not prepared for the start of the fantasy basketball season, but I’ve been quickly catching up! The team I picked is second only to my girlfriend’s (which I also drafted), and my key waiver moves of Miles Plumlee and Lance Stephenson were profiled soon after on ESPN. Above is their article, which came out after mine below.

espn copies me2

Definite confidence boost!

Like I said, my GF and I did well this week. Yes, I drafted for her, but I’ve been showing her how to update her roster, and she seems to be catching on quite fast! She’s leading in points right now, and I squeaked into second among some stiff competition:

bball wk 1

Here’s how my roster broke down for the week.

bball wk 1 roster

Kevin Love, Miles Plumlee, and Spencer Hawes have been killin’ it on the inside, and old dudes Tony Parker and Ray Allen look to be solid adds. Some stiff competition this week, but I’m feeling confident. Hopefully ESPN will stop sniping my On the Rise segment, though. Guess we’ll see on Friday..


On the Rise: Spencer Hawes

Spencer Hawes, currently available in 44% of ESPN leagues.

Spencer Hawes, C-Phi, currently available in 44% of ESPN leagues.

Each week I’m going to highlight a player, who should definitely be picked up in your standard 10-team league. This week I found a gem in this center for the Sixers, Spencer Hawes. Last year, he had one of his best offensive performances to date, averaging 11 pts. and 7 boards in 27 mins. The one stat that really grabbed me, however, is that he had a career high 19 double-doubles, in only 40 games started. Yup, when he gets the start, he has a 50/50 shot of earning extra points with a double-double, a stat that increased by over 100% from the 2011-12 season. The last time he even got close to 19 double-doubles? The 2008-09 season, when he averaged 11.4 pts and 7.4 boards.

With this in mind, added to the fact that his number of starts also doubled from the 2011-12 season, he is poised to absolutely go bananas this year! Just look at how strong he finished last year:

hawesFor the last ten weeks, he was a beast, and I don’t see any evidence that that should change. Rookie Nerlens Noel is being hampered by an injury, and Hawes has been given the reigns in the paint. If he’s available in your league, consider yourself lucky. Most have him going in the middle rounds, so I felt pretty lucky picking him up. You should too!

hawes hairOh, and he’s also up for the hair of the year award. ADD HIM!!