Week 12 Literally Literate FFL Ranks

soYes, folks, after finishing last in our league in my first year, I have a shot at the playoffs this year!

With two weeks remaining in the regular season, I pretty much control my own destiny. If I can win out in these two games, I’m all but assured a playoff berth. And my lineup looks friggin’ juicy this week!

wk 12 lineupAll I gotta do is win, baby! I’ve got a tough opponent in the 8-3 Cousin Vinny’s Escort Services, but he has gone down before. God, I just know I can do this!

With that said, here’s how our rankings shake out this week:

wk 12 ranks1) [Br]eaking [Br]adshaw 148

2) Cousin Vinny’s Escort Services 133

3) Dez Dispenser 123

4) I Pitta the Fool 118

5) Spacin’ Vaders 114

6) Trophy Wife 113

7) The Blair Walsh Project 107

8) Crawrsenal FC 100

8) Don’t Call Me Rodney 100

10) Team Reese 98


Week 10 Power Rankings


Week 10 is upon us, and the race for the playoffs is in full swing! There’s a three-way tie for the last two playoff spots, and I plan on getting one.

My lineup is finally full strength, and I couldn’t be more optimistic than this week. IF all goes according to plan, I should be able to have a big week (which I desperately need in a tiebreaker situation).

Check out how the Mt. Oberton formula ranks our teams this week in the Literally Literate FFL:

wk 10 rankingsWeek 10 Power Rankings:

1) [Br]eaking [Br]adshaw 149

2) Cousin Vinny’s Escort Services 131

3) Spacin’ Vaders 120

4) I Pitta the Fool 119

5) Trophy Wife 118

6) Dez Dispenser 117

7) The Blair Walsh Project 112

8) Don’t Call Me Rodney 102

9) Team Reese 99

10) Crawrsenal FC 98

Week 9 Power Rankings

hard_math.png.scaled500Math is hard, but plugging numbers into a pre-made algorithm is easy! Here’s the Literally Literate Week 9 Power Rankings. The Playoff hunt thickens with only 5 weeks remaining in the regular season, three teams sit at 4-4 while the top 3 are 5-3 or better.

wk 9 power ranks

Making a huge leap this week is Dez Dispenser. Apparently their high score of 171 hints at success further down the road. We shall see…

Literally Literate Week 9 Power Rankings:

1) [Br]eaking [Br]adshaw 147

2) Cousin Vinny’s Escort Services 134

3) Dez Dispenser 121

4) Trophy Wife 119

5) I Pitta the Fool 117

6) Space Invaders 116

7) Team Reese 102

8) The Blair Walsh Project 101

9) Crawrsenal FC 100

10) Don’t Call Me Rodney 98

Week 7 Power Rankings


Crunchin’ numbers and staring at beakers filled with Gatorade, in hopes of bringing you up-to-date Literally Literate FFL Power Rankings.

Here’s how the math breaks down this week (Don’t worry, the ###’s represent numbers with repeating remainders, like 3.6777…and I’m just too lazy to fill them in, although I am guilty of rounding them up!):

wk 7 power rankings

Literally literate Week 7 Power Rankings:

1) [Br]eaking [Br]adshaw 147

2) Cousin Vinny’s Escort Services 138

3) Trophy Wife 122

4) I Pitta the Fool 116

5) Team Reese 111

6) The Blair Walsh Project 110

7) Spacin’ Vaders 108

8) Crawrsenal FC 105

8) Don’t Call Me Rodney 105

10) Dez Dispenser 97


Tuesday Morning Relief: An End to Losing


Ah yes, there’s nothing quite as nice as getting off the schnide.

This week saw the standings get jumbled up in the Literally Literate FFL.

The two top contenders, [Br]eaking [Br]adshaw and Cousin Vinny’s Escort Services both went down while Trophy Wife and Team Reese continued their ascent to the top of the leader board and Dez Dispenser logged her first win with the most points this week.

wk 5 results

With the playing field evening out, the standings are getting closer and closer, as is evident by this week’s Power Rankings:

power rankings wk 6

[Br]eaking [Br]adshaw and Cousin Vinny still top the leader board, but myself and Trophy Wife are closing in and only one game out of the lead. Crawrsenal FC drops this week to 9th, despite having more wins than Dez Dispenser, who climbs out of the bottom of the ranks with 127 points, to go along with her high per game average. The Blair Walsh Project and Spacin’ Vaders are locked up in a tie for 5th, and Dez Dispenser and Team Reese fight it out over the 7th position.

1. [Br]eaking [Br]adshaw 148

2. Cousin Vinny’s Escort Services 146

3. I Pitta the Fool 125

4. Trophy Wife 121

5. Spacin’ Vaders 113

5. The Blair Walsh Project 113

7. Dez Dispenser 105

7. Team Reese 105

9. Crawrsenal FC 102

10. Don’t Call Me Rodney 99

This week doesn’t have any super studs hidden out there, but with the RB situation in Oakland and WR’s posting more consistent numbers league-wide, there are several favorable pickups this week. Here’s the heavy hitters: